• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Made In Heaven

    Bug - Normal Translation errors in the Russian version

    Long time no see! So here I am with a list of translation errors and other stuff. Let's get started 1) The chapter "Who's the boss", map "Under the bridge" - in the first before-fight dialog there is a queue that isn't translated at all. 2) Same chapter and map, boss fight - two typos. a) typo...
  2. Made In Heaven

    Resolved Third hit on Squigly's tag-in

    When Squigly tags-in she sometimes do three hits instead of two. Is it intended to work like this? UPD: I asked a few people, they said that it acctually does 3 hits, but third hitbox lasts less time, than it last in SGM. It looks like you get damaged by the air.
  3. Made In Heaven

    Bug - Normal L1 of some characters misses

    Filia's, Squigly's, Eliza's and Bella's L1 miss if an opponent is crouching, mostly if an opponent is Valentine. Their L1 misses if you try to punish Valentine's Swipe-1 attack (well, okay, I guess it this one should a safe attack. so this is the reason we can't punish it) and also her launcher...
  4. Made In Heaven

    Cost of upgrading a character.

    How many coins and points do I need for a Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond character?
  5. Made In Heaven

    Bug - Normal Peacock's "Airport" BB3 can attack more than one character.

    If fighter dies after the first plane his teammate is rolling out while blockbuster is still on, what leads to unavoidable damage to that character.
  6. Made In Heaven

    Poltergust or Supersonic

    So, both Poltergust and Supersonic have ~40 lvl and upgraded abilities. The question is: who's the more deserving investment?