• [2018/06/22]
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  1. ar13

    Bug - Normal Weird bug

    Samsung Note 10 plus Android 11, One UI 3.1, April 1, 2021 update Peacock master node on latest 4.7.1 update. No idea how it happened. Occured twice until I restarted the game. https://photos.app.goo.gl/vQn1dg3UysANiFUc9
  2. ar13

    Bug - Normal Deployment bug - Catalyst relic

    Note 10 plus Android 10, One UI 2.5 I've probably encountered this like more than twice now, where upon claiming the catalyst relic award, it doesn't appear in my relics collection. Restarting the game doesn't help.
  3. ar13

    Bug - Normal Weird energy refill bug

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Android 10 Started the match on pf when the energy refill box came up on the screen. Thought it froze until I realised I could use the back button to cancel that box. Was able to continue the match after that, but you can still see the top left of the screen with the...
  4. ar13

    Bug - Normal Game stuck after dying while in silver chord animation

    OnePlus 3, Oxygen OS 5.0.8, Android 8.0.0 In the midst of a rift battle when it happened.
  5. ar13

    Collection More time efficient management of SM/BB

    I don't know if it's just me, but I find it quite a pain dealing with new moves that are earned either through dailies, relics or from new characters. If it's one or two of them, then it's ok to just commit to memory what moves those were before going into the collection and look at their stats...
  6. ar13

    Resolved Won match after defeating second character

    OnePlus 3, OxygenOS 5.0.8, Android 8.0.0 Was playing show me your moves when this happened. All I remember was, as I activated diamonds are forever, the opponent's Valentine did dead cross. The diamond hit, I killed her, there was the animation as if I won, and I was hit by the dead cross...
  7. ar13

    Bug - Normal No completion reward for accursed

    OnePlus 3, Android 8.0.0, OxygenOS 5.0.8 After winning the last fight, the game was loading for awhile before startin there was a connection issue. After selecting 'retry' and going to the winning screen, the only thing I got was 240 coins as if I beat the node before. Did not get the...
  8. ar13

    Bug - Normal Visual bug when replaying story mode for daily mission

    OnePlus 3, Android 8.0.0, OxygenOS 5.0.8 Never had this in version 2.7.2. Haven't played for like probably 2 months until yesterday, so not sure if the bug came up in 3.0 or 3.0.2.
  9. ar13

    Bug - Normal Bleed visual bug

    Happened during a Medici Shakedown fight. Didn't affect the actual bleed effect though.
  10. ar13

    Bug - Crash Game crashed during PF

    Was on streak 23 of the current Gold Beowulf PF and was using a Diva Intervention. The game crashed halfway through the BB3 animation. The game has never crashed on me before so yea. Not sure if it's specific to using Eliza and/or BB3 since I hardly use her. OnePlus 3, Android 8.0.0 (OxygenOS...