• [2018/06/22]
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  1. VictuTheNewb

    Resolved Softlocked because of Dead of The Winter

    I was able to kill the last teammate of a Dead of The Winter Squigly a milisecond before she ressurected. Cerebella standed in the victory pose and the victory screen froze. I can't do anything because no user interface is being shown. Please help. Bug ocurred during christmas prize fight at 2...
  2. VictuTheNewb

    Peacock's origin master difficult has one fight that is frustrating and should be changed.

    As the title says, I'm just posting my opinion on this one fight in the story mode and how I would fix it. Winning it is not based to stats, skill or strategy: it's straight up RNG, feels awful to fight against and is not doable without luck or a max HP gold/diamond Peacock. Often people say...
  3. VictuTheNewb

    Resolved Game won't install despite me freeing up 2 GB of data

    Ok, so this is pretty straight-forrward: My game says I have no storage left for this update's additional data, but I just removed a game that packed 2GB of data and the message still appears. Device: LG K10 Power(an old device) Running on Android 7, I guess
  4. VictuTheNewb

    I don't think Painwheel's flight mode is useful in its current state.

    [Really long thread warning] This post will have two texts: the first describing my issues with Painwheel's character ability, Flight Risk, and the second with my suggestions to make it useful. Part 1 We all have fought a Painwheel in a Rift Battle or high streak prize fights. Many players...
  5. VictuTheNewb

    Robo Fortune: how to combo

    Post your combos here My personal "quick recharging" combos are Head drone salvo->D1->L1->the air grab blockbuster D1->L5->Head Drone Mine->D2
  6. VictuTheNewb

    Bug - Normal Accursed Experiments not giving rewards & FPS drops when I open any relic

    So, I completed AE yesterday, as soon as the Robo Fortune download was complete. The enemies' ressurect modifier didn't trigger at all(maybe because I was playing Cerebella, she has a low amount of hits per combo), and after that, the very long chapter completion animation for it. After some...