• [2018/06/22]
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    current meta in high level rift battles

    I took a break from rift for like a hot second but now i’m trying to get back to where I was But, I keep going against lower levels and thinking that it would be easy and losing. And LET ME TELL YOY WHY, their rift base has weak gold characters and for the most part I accidentally kill them...
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    Bug - Normal eliza skemet mode

    when eliza’s in sekmet mode regular hits are knocking her out of it. is this intended?
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    Mummy Dearest Eliza

    IM CRYING THIS IS BEAUTIFUL i love this skin too much, HAVE MY MONEY
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    Effects activating when in throw animation

    Am i the only one that’s noticed this??? like i was expecting there to be a thread about it already but— Okay so say the enemy cerebella tries to throw you but you push her off anyways, her marquee ability activates. same goes for attempted grabs from the ai when over squigly and her marquee...
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    small buff idea for Pyro-Technique

    I love pyro-technique, I think her SA is great the only problem I have with it is how risky it is to actually get proc-ing. True, I can use a dummy squigly with her marquee to get an INSANELY strong valentine. The only problem I have with that is that in rift battles I would have to sacrifice...
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    How exactly does Death Mark work?

    does the 50% bonus damage on crits surpass the 200% crit damage limit?
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    SA’s I want to see on Eliza

    HEYY ITS DAVID! back at it again with trying to fix Stand Out lol but I came up with an idea BUT, it might also be A) too busted or B) not exactly what they had in mind for stand out—but whatever. SA IDEA: (countering painwheels and bad hair days/parasite weave) SA1: Eliza cannot make...
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    The current situation with Moves

    I have made another thread about move distribution but, this time I kinda want to talk about the sub-states on moves. the quick and easy situation is: unbalanced, too much reliance on RNG, and not fun. the longer version is: the current situation with move right now, is that EVERYTHING and I...
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    Idea to fix Stand out

    I personally understand that the vampirism part of her SA1 kinda goes with her buffet theme (lol), but the weird part that it only works if the she has less health than her opponent is making it a horrible SA. SOOOO my idea: INSTEAD OF 50% of all damage inflicted is regained as HEALTH as long...
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    idea for recycling duplicate diamonds

    honestly i don’t know if i just have bad luck or something but i keep getting the same diamonds from the diamond relics! And now, i’m just with like 3 heavy arms, 2 furry fury’s, and 2 stand outs.... and like no offence or anything but they’re not the best (!!!!) and like what do you do? so my...
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    Issue with the Japanese Translation

    It’s become an almost everyday discussion on the japanese chat, but none the less the japanese translation of the current skullgirls is extremely—and I apologize for being rude—bad. For starters, Peacocks’s marquees abilities’ translations are completely incorrect. People go to the chats to ask...
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    a need for better way of acquiring moves

    at the current moment i honestly can’t say i love how the move system works. I really don’t like how they’re random. This makes a week worth of waiting for a single move with good stats feel completely worthless and sometimes makes me not even want to do my dailies. I suggest that: moves are no...
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    Bio Exorcist: Second SA not working

    I’ve been playing Bio in the prize fights and her second SA hasn’t gone off in a large number of games.
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    Atk% vs. Crit Dmg%

    Is it better to go for pure atk% stats or get crit% and crit dmg%?
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    Using HackN’Splash

    This variant is quite interesting and I still don’t know if this is the best offensive Miss Fortune or not still. But that being besides the point I haven’t seen many videos or reliable ways to use her head yet and it’s rendering her second part of her SA completely useless. If someone can...
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    help finding font? (日本語)

    i don't know if i'll even get an answer but does anyone know the font that’s used in skullgirls mobile? i'm specifically looking for the japanese one.
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    Next Squigly Gold Variant

    idea: nui harime kill-la-kill variant squigly as a light type gold variant i’m not sure about SA but like i think it’s unfair that the only kill-la-kill variant is immortal fibre;-; Edit (26/10/2018) Recently I saw a fire variant Nui Harime Squigly on the character variant fan art post and I...