• [2018/06/22]
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    Bug - Normal CoC refreshes prematurely after force-quitting and relaunching game

    I think this is a recurrent bug and not a one-off incident: Scenario: So during weekend rifts sometimes after winning a fight, I get impatient and force-quit the game when the "connecting" screen persists for extended periods of time. Usually under such circumstances, when I first...
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    Perfect "catch"

    Two perfect "catches" I experienced: 1. I use Bella's Pummel Horse, a Double tags in and gets caught mid-air. 2. Playing Beowulf, I Wulf Shoot right into Big Band's Take the "A" Train. (I think once I launched Eliza's Sekhmet into Band's "A" Train too) Perhaps this post should fall under...
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    Bug - Normal Rift battle: indefinite searching with search spanning 2-hour mark before season end

    The title might sound a bit confusing, but what happended isI started a search session less than 10 minutes before the 2-hour mark on the clock for the current rift battle season. Presumably the search will end with less than 2 hours for the rift battle season, or end as soon as the season...
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    Bug - Normal Problems with selling favorited moves

    I think there're still multiple issues therein. I tried to sell a favorited move in the "equip" section of the fighter profile window. Here's what happened. 1. tapped on the move to open the move description window, then unfavorited the move. 2. tapped the "sell" button, but the button...
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    Bug - Normal stuck on screen with walking bomb(George) after Rift Battle fight

    As described in the title, game was stuck on the walking George screen immediately after winning a Rift Battle fight ( before the rift coin reward window pops up, so there's no text on the screen, just the walking bomb). After a couple-minute wait I force-quitted and the fight counted as a...
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    Is accuracy relevant for Squigly?

    cuz currently none of the Squigly variants have proccing of their SAs dependent on percent chance. Or am I mistaken about how accuracy works?
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    Other add rift coins to the store

    Thinking it's likely intentional that RCs are not in the store given its tie to rift battles. But that exclusive association is broken now that they're also obtainable from gifts. So why not make them accessible thru IAP? We all know how frustrating it can be when we don't have enough RCs to buy...
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    Can First Cut cause permableed on bleed-resistant character variants inflicted with curse?

    Specifically, is permableed possible on Bloodbath or Valentine with ICU MA if they're suffering from curse?
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    Bug - Normal Is meter reduction(except wither) not supposed to work when BBs are locked?

    Meter-reducing moves, SAs and MAs don't work when the opponent is suffering from BB lock. Able to confirm this using Beo Hype Man's SA, Beo's BB3 Three Wulf Moonsault, Filia's BB3 Blowout, Double's BB3 Megalith Array, Bella's MA, Eliza's SM Middle of Sphynx, as well as Valentine's SM Vial Hazard...
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    Fights Plz tone down the triple threat of enhanced AI, unresponsive block and rampant BB3

    As noted by @TonyPartridge30, @UltimateShowstopper and others, the current enemy BB3 abuse and unresponsive block stick out like a sore thumb. Apart from the now comparatively unpredictable AI combo execution, AI’s ridiculous reaction time remains one of the major sources of player...
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    Other Option to disable equipment switch confirmation prompt

    Now that the AI is more aggresive, for those of us who tend to go for the more challenging enemy team(s) in pfs, reliance on what few superior equipments we have upgraded to a decent level has increased. I personally find the pop-up window asking for confirmation of equipment switch an...
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    Bug - Normal No event rewards received for the recent show me your moves pf

    I had a score of about 3.7 mil in the just concluded "show me your moves" of. But I haven't received anything in the mail so far. In my experience, this is more than enough to be placed in the top 100. One complication though: The timer for this pf likely ran out before I finished my last fight...