• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Renan Flippy

    OFFICIAL - 5.1.3 Updates Notes

    Because of the Skull Heart effect, plans for the implementation of Alternative Voices and another announcers finally show signs of life???
  2. Renan Flippy

    SG Custom Fighters

    Another bit of my Custom Colors. This time for Philip from "Kamen Rider W", in his colors from the "Currently-In-Emission" Anime-Sequel "Fuuto PI/Fuuto Tantei".
  3. Renan Flippy

    SG Custom Fighters

    I'm again here with my "rare" colors. I show 3 this time. "We are childhood friends. Our feelings are FAMILY LOVE" (Aoi Shida - Koi Ni Mudaguchi [Parody to Hiroshi Fujioka in episode 3]) SIGNATURE ABILITY: RETRO DETECTIVE SA1: Full DRAGON CHARGES has 30%/40%/50% chance to inflict DEATH MARK or...
  4. Renan Flippy

    SG Custom Fighters

    This is Done Right my last card based on a color create before Umbrella's Mobile Release "To be a good actor, you must put yourself not only in the shoes, PUT YOURSELF IN THE SKIN OF YOUR CHARACTERS!" - Go Ayano (Japanese Actor) SIGNATURE ABILITY: LIKE A CHAMELEON SA1: Each state change grants...
  5. Renan Flippy

    SG Custom Fighters

    Another One, but with one of the creepiers Hungern sprites. Sorry for bad Photoshopping. "Humans will pay for the horrible things that the Ajin has suffered" - Samuel T. Owen (a.k.a. Sato) (Ajin: Demi-Human) SIGNATURE ABILITY: ILLICIT RESURRECTION SA1: While Hungern stays in RAVENOUS mode...
  6. Renan Flippy

    SG Custom Fighters

    Based on my appreciation post that i made in January, I'll Post one of the palettes that i made for Umbrella as a Custom Fighter with a special visual effect. When Hungern enters in RAVENOUS mode, UMBRELLA'S BODY COLOR CHANGES TOO. Left Card: Overstuffed, Satiated. - Right Card: Ravenous "My...
  7. Renan Flippy

    SG Custom Fighters

    That references are cutie and gorgeus. About your 2 first variants, i don't know if you know but that colors already exists in 2nd Encore but your retouch to Doctor Doom variant are great. Awesome PR colors, specially Rita Eliza, technically i imagined a Rita Repulsa color, but in Cerebella...
  8. Renan Flippy

    SG Custom Fighters

    Umbrella colors that i did it for a apprecation special project. Full thread here: Edit (01/02/2022): Added Rainbow effect to Hungern's pupils in last color.
  9. Renan Flippy

    SG Custom Fighters

    For the Hype a did a Squigly based on recent Kenshi Yonezu commercial for PlayStation.
  10. Renan Flippy

    SG Custom Fighters

    My submission is for the 50th anniversary celebration of Kamen Rider Franchise. For the movie "Kamen Rider Beyond Generations", the fandom has surprised to see TOEI breaking their Anti-Nepotism rules for the confirmation about Takeshi Hongo/Kamen Rider Ichigo character are performed by Maito...
  11. Renan Flippy

    SG Custom Fighters

    Some cards based on J-Drama MIU404 (Actor): Big Band Kazumi Shima (Gen Hoshino), Parasoul Ai Ibuki (Go Ayano) and Fukua "Kuzumi" (Masaki Suda).
  12. Renan Flippy

    Characters What about 2nd Encore misc contents?

    I look surprised that Mobile hasn't implemented Ms. Fortune, Robo-Fortune and probably Fukua new intros for certain vatiants and the Air KO characters voices. I understand the lack of time for now developing both game versions. Thanks guys 😊
  13. Renan Flippy

    OFFICIAL FAQ: Annie 2nd Encore (+ New Character?!)

    Like all previous DLC characters, Annie will be free during first days of release or direct buy for get her? PD: Please Umbrella
  14. Renan Flippy

    OFFICIAL: Annie Release Details & Relic Availability

    What about Ex Lab Zero Members who founded the newly minted company Future Club Dev? I feel like they need some financial help so they can continue to be a part of this. Or is this the responsibility of Autumn Games?
  15. Renan Flippy

    OFFICIAL: 4.2 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    A question In one of Fukua trailers i noticed about the usage of one of the Blockbusters in air. Certain Blockbusters with aerial variants in original console/PC game like Checkmate Incitions, Gregor Samson, Necketh Breaker are planned to be used in air combos?
  16. Renan Flippy

    OFFICIAL: 3.0.3 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    I'm glad of all the great work they have done this year, in addition to fulfilling all their promises for 2018 (only Robo-Fortune was lacking). I see that the game has already become very popular during these months of inactivity after having made me banned intentionally because of the...
  17. Renan Flippy

    SG Custom Fighters

    Some New Card i made for the free times in the university. Also to the users to doesn't have Discord i send a link to the updated version of the psd. PD: Double "Nerv Stills" is an original color based on Stephen Stills from Scott Pilgrim. https://megaupload.nz/00G6i1mdbc/SGM_Custom_Cards_psd
  18. Renan Flippy

    Characters Daily Relic Exclusive Change

    Hi again, considering the exclusivity of Valentine Oh Mai in the daily relic and Squigly Necrobreaker in events in which HVS attends, I do not know if it would be a good idea to return Valentine Oh Mai to all character relics and Squigly Necrobreaker be the exclusive character of the daily...
  19. Renan Flippy

    SG Custom Fighters

    My First Creations. (Except Peacock) Pallets that I always imagined to see but never showed in game.