• [2018/06/22]
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    SGM Competitive Versus Matchup Chart

    As well as my tier list I've posted, I've also compiled my thoughts on how well each character can fight one another. This also takes into account how well their tag ins and other team gimmicks fare vs each character...
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    Fights Single-Player Versus Mode!

    This sounds like it's just a request for a more difficult AI... If the bots had a predetermined pattern it would be easy to solve the game and if they had rng aspects they would very simply be favoring a player. I'm not sure how a singleplayer versus gives you the feeling of fighting opponents...
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    Competitive Versus Tier List

    This is my current thoughts on how good each character is in current competitive versus meta, factoring in both matchups and team compositions I would like to know what people think of it and I can give reasoning as to why each character is where they are
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    SGM PVP Tournaments!

    The GIRLS' SKULLS MOBILE tournaments have been running for about 2/3 of a year, and I would like to share it here as well to people who haven't seen it but wish to play! Two tournaments are hosted per week on Friday/Saturday at 8:30 PM CST. Join the discord at https://discord.gg/XjpWDFe for...
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    Fights Single-Player Versus Mode!

    I don't see how this is different than normal PvE and training mode. However I do like the idea of being able to fight variants in training mode, learning how SA's work and learning specific buff/debuff interactions. With how versus mode is currently, I'm unsure why you'd want it to be single...
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    getting beat up by the AI

    getting beat up by the AI
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    get in the crog

    get in the crog
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    How does double juggling work?

    General rule is getting the opponent high enough in the air, and then double swiping up to complete the double juggle. It sometimes makes for some jank interactions with characters jumping and missing their opponent for the double juggle like Ms. Fortune using sneeze too early in a double-juggle...
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    How to Burst?

    For the accolade, playing versus mode is a good way to build the burst accolade fast, making for many quick matches with tons of bursts. In most PvE gamemodes you want to avoid being hit most of the time, but being hit in versus is almost inevitable. If you wanted to specifically grind bursts...
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    Other 2021 Roadmap Player Opinions

    SGM start date: Sometime in June/July 2018 Player account level: 70 Catalog count: 130/170 Highest rift 2.0 rank: Diamond 3 I personally do not play PvE gamemodes often anymore, and instead almost entirely play versus mode. I like all of the options on this list, but the decision came down to...
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    Opinion time: Who are the best comp PvP players right now?

    MoshimoshiYT is also incredibly good despite playing bella
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    Opinion time: Who are the best comp PvP players right now?

    I also gotta add, someone99 is really good at running the squig/val team and has a good fortune as well
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    Opinion time: Who are the best comp PvP players right now?

    Most people I know at the top are all fortune players From your list the only two I can mention otherwise are myself and Midget in a flask as top players. LegendarySanZ also has pretty solid gameplay.
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    Reshiram's Updated Competitive PvP Tier List

    I feel like fortune should be on a tier of her own, she wins against literally everyone, has unburstable ToD's, and amazing reversal tools. I feel like robo should be a tier down, she relies on generating a level 2 bb to ToD, and she lacks any good reversals. CCA also generates way too much...