• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Manowar

    Fukua Speculation

    Fukua is awesome. I got both bronze variants and two of the three silvers. Alas RNG was not on my side, and I did not get any golds or diamonds. Some day....... So far Souls Sister is my favorite.
  2. Manowar

    Fukua Daily Event

    I beat the master event with a maxed out silver souls sister. It’s possible. The only BB I had was head over heals BB3 so I was reasonably assured I wouldn’t proc the fatigue. Then I just spammed orbs and made good use of lash out. A little RNG also helps with the team you end up facing.
  3. Manowar

    Fukua Speculation

    Fukua is coming so I want to speculate on how she'll fit into the game, BB'S, specials, possible variants and her catalyst. Moves I'm hoping make it to mobile are grabs Tender Embrace and Inevitable Snuggle. Of course I hope that she has lots of dopples and fireballs you can spam as...
  4. Manowar

    Fights Rift battles should have xp also

    That makes sense I just figure at some point you’d want to put all that hard work to use in rifts.
  5. Manowar

    Fights Rift battles should have xp also

    What are high level players doing if they’re not in rifts? That’s the end game mode. You can only collect so many of the same PF variant.
  6. Manowar

    Head Hunter discussion

    HH benefits so much with the new special cool down move modifier. I have it nearly maxed and by the time I drop a new head drone and stack precision I’ve gotten my three beam attacks back. Opponents getting ALL THE SMOKE even in high pf streaks.
  7. Manowar

    Will Private Chats Be Worth It?

    I’ve got two small kids and I travel a lot for work. The idea that I could private chat them in our favorite game or keep it confined to a semi controlled guild chat is super sweet. That channel 0 can be too sometimes. Haha
  8. Manowar

    Let's Be Friends!

    I’ve got a couple slots open. I don’t always post regularly but I lurk a couple times a week. In game is buckoducko.
  9. Manowar

    OFFICIAL: 2020 Preview

    Overhaul to rifts and prizes in versus mode are a sight to behold for an OG player. These two things are going to give this game some serious staying power. I love rifts in particular it just needs some iterated changes to the meta like new seasons. So hyped I’ll be buying a ton of Fukua relics...
  10. Manowar

    OFFICIAL: Brand New Skullgirls Mobile Character FAQ

    Yoooooo I’m so stoked about this. It’ll probably be Annie but I hope it’s Panzerfuast. We need a new tanky boi.
  11. Manowar

    Très Chic

    That’s why I’m thinking ICU for support. Her buffs and dark nut are too easily removed rather than broken, so the regen won’t proc.
  12. Manowar

    Variants To Be Buffed

    He’s not on your poll but FF needs a buff. He’s an attempt at a purely defensive beo variant and he’s a gold but he’s not really good. I had him at diamond and on a frost armor node in rifts but he’s just not good. I swapped him out in favor of a staple water variant.
  13. Manowar

    Très Chic

    So I pulled a Tres Chic and I’m investing in her because I don’t have an AG or SG. With an eye towards rifts do you guys think she’d be better with trauma center or ICU? I’m thinking of putting her on a dark nut node.
  14. Manowar

    No 2020 Preview?

    Last year the preview was posted the first week of January. Here we are about to be in February and we haven't got a glimpse of what is being planned this year. Is it still happening?
  15. Manowar

    Fights A extra node in Rift

    i very much like the idea of fewer nodes with more variables in those nodes. It really comes down to what the mode is supposed to be about. Is it about testing collection size or is it about testing in game skill/node building strategy? The game mode would be more interesting with more variables...
  16. Manowar

    Plot Twisted Squigly

    Hex needs to be removed from the pool of possible debuffs she procs with SA1. She procs so many debuffs that often my PT’s SA2 is rendered useless by SA1. Given this she doesn’t feel like a true diamond and I’m second guessing all I’ve invested in her.
  17. Manowar

    Bug - Normal "Error code 0" everywhere.

    I have also had tremendous problems with the stability of this app during the Halloween even. Getting a lot of error code 3 at the end of fights when I manage to actually get in. I’m a high level player and after day 2 I should be much further along with my score than I am because of these...
  18. Manowar

    Fights The (main) problem with Rift Battle mode

    I agree. I was lowest tier diamond for weeks when rifts came out and then they changed matchmaking. I dropped all the way to silver from not playing this mode much and I’ve only climbed back into gold 4. I keep getting matched with players two tiers or more higher than myself. We both finish all...
  19. Manowar

    Fights Rift Battles moving forward

    So with versus coming out shortly it seems I’m left wondering about the future of rift battles as a mode. Is it going to continue to get attention? Changes to the meta, new catalysts etc. It really is a great game mode. My hope for it going forwards would be a shake up to the Meta. As things...
  20. Manowar

    Other More options for players to spend $$$ on

    At this point I've done something I said I'd never do and that's spend more on a mobile game than I would a triple A console game. I'd be willing to do some kind of subscription or a method of support for new content like a kick starter or a dlc pack or something. It'd also be cool to be able...