• [2018/06/22]
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    Toughest Accolades: 50 Hits

    Someone on discord found an easy hack for the 50 combo accolade. You just need to do a 50 hit combo with any character (say Parasoul's BB3) and then tag in another character right afterwards. The combo will register for the character you tagged in. The best fight to experiment with it is in one...
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    Opinion time: Who are the best comp PvP players right now?

    I took a character of Linc once, that was the highest point of my PVP play. I learned Linc's and Killem's names and now I know it's an automatic loss when I play them. Doesn't help that my favorite characters are Painwheel and Cerebella, which are not the best for high level comp.
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    Diamonds are a skullgirl's best friend.

    Well good news is that you have a perfect counter to both of them in Stand Out.
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    Discussion: Fukua Prize Fight

    I'm not stopping until well after 30M. With how busy my defense team has been I'm expecting a new record high.
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    OFFICIAL: 4.3.3 Update Notes - Now Available!

    Yes, I have the same issue.
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    Diamonds are a skullgirl's best friend.

    Really close to a full page after a year of playing.
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    Bug - Normal Social hub not displaying friend's rift ranking properly

    All my friends have rookie ranking on the main page of the social hub. When I click on the profile of a particular friend the rift ranking is displayed correctly showing various rankings from bronze to diamond. iPhone 6, iOS 12.4.6
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    OFFICIAL: 4.3.3 Update Notes - Now Available!

    With the end of the first week I can conclude that the new rift is a smashing success. I'm actually looking forward to playing the rift instead of dreading it. Love choosing an opponent, changing the defense for the new modifiers, smaller map (I think it's perfect now), double nodes with two...
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    Resolved Rift - won the match without clearing the map

    I lost a battle on the thorns double node and decided to clear the rest of the map first. I cleared the rest of the nodes and after the boss node I got the end of the battle screen where I was awarded 15 points for the win. I never cleared that node after my first loss.
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    OFFICIAL: 4.3.3 Update Notes - Now Available!

    The timer is right under the streak number on the main rift page. It goes away once you engage in the battle for some reason.
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    OFFICIAL: 4.3.3 Update Notes - Now Available!

    It was in the notes: SOCIAL GIFTS Standard Gifts and Gold Gifts have had their contents adjusted. The top rewards (Inner Pieces, Relics, etc) remain the same, but the more common rewards are now a little bit smaller. Social Gifts also no longer contain Bronze or Silver Keys. Gifts were nerfed...
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    Bug - Normal Can't open catalyst relics when fighter inventory is full

    I'm trying to open 3 catalyst relics I got from accolades and I get "Your Fighter Collection is full" pop up. My catalysts space is 50/500, but my fighter collection is indeed full 420/420. Device - iPhone6 OS - 12.4.6
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    Bug - Normal The crash problem getting worse after the 4.3 update

    Same issue. It's unplayable. Device: Iphone6 OS: iOS 12.4.6
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    Discussion: Fukua Prize Fight

    Current element distribution between the gold fighters you can obtain from character PF's is 3 fire, water and dark, and 2 light and air. So my bet would be on Vaporwave Vixen, since Phantom Threads was in the Cinco de Mayo rewards. I like Vixen the most out of all Fukua's colors so far so I'm...
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    Ascend of Women- Master

    Here is my loadout: BB3 is there just for stats, it would have been better to have a second wolfshoot. Start with immediately attacking, if they hit you first just restart the match. After the first combo do the taunt, then attack and AI will most likely block, follow with wolfshoot. Now you...
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    Ascend of Women- Master

    Wrestler X, taunt, wulfshoot, grab blockbusters, as much accuracy as you can get from your moves. Try to avoid combos without hype active. Your goal is to build up hype and meter asap, and then spam grab bb's and hope for bleeds. It's honestly pretty straightforward once you get a hang of it...
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    Banging My Head Against "I Will Survive" Fights

    Gold Doublicious clears 2 Big Bands node quite easily. I'm quite certain any maxed out gold Double should be able to do it. If you have Xeno there is always doom strat.
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    Bandera relics....

    Bandera - 6 x Blood Drive, 1 x Chameleon Twist. Legendary - Weekend Warrior. Didn't have Chameleon or Weekend Warrior, so that was nice. 6 Blood Drives was a bit overkill.
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    Cinco de Mayo - ¡Viva la Fiesta! Prize Fight

    Stand Out carries me this PF. Her SA + Chaos Banish are great at removing buffs, regen taunt to cancel bleeds and BB3 spam second only to Poltergust.
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    Story Mode - Match Challenges Guide & Discussion

    Wow, good to know! I'll work on my PD to attempt this node. I've been trying to record a video of the Beo node, but haven't been successful yet.