• [2018/06/22]
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    Resolved Prize Fight Reward Never Came

    Yeahhh, I thought the same thing at first. Turns out you have to get top 30/21% or something like that.
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    Community Time Capsule!

    Play these and win Let’s see who’s on top next year!
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    Random bonus levels?

    Awe, darn. Was sorta hoping it was a PF exclusive deal. Never noticed it before cause I have way too many dupes around the same level. Thanks for the info though brother!
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    Random bonus levels?

    I’m curious about the random bonus levels you’ll sometimes receive at the end of a match. I.e, my Peacock and Cerebella were both level one with no exp prior to the match, but afterwards Cerebella got an extra level for seemingly no reason. Is it a random occurrence, or does something trigger...
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    Question about the Medici PF

    Ohhhh, I see I see. Thanks fellas! I knew there must’ve been something I was missing.
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    Question about the Medici PF

    So I know this isn’t the right forum, but I just had a few questions as I’m relatively new and may have misunderstood something. I didn’t receive a reward for the Medici PF which recently passed. It said in the “rewards” tab that all players who obtain at least 30,000 points (top 100-61% or...
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    Last Hope: Valentine's Origin Story

    I enjoyed it, probably my favorite origin so far (only one left is cerebella). Definitely think Hallow and Val were more than just friends/teammates though. Anyone else catch Hallow blushing in act two, right before her and Val started sparring? I bet she wanted to try more than a few new...
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    Is there a way to interrupt/counter BB3 move?

    Git gud. Nah but really, like Yew said you just gotta find a way to play around them. Try new strategies/fighters/moves, level up your current team, etc.. All fighters can be difficult (and very frustrating at times), SGM is no exception.
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    When is squigly coming?

    A lot of people have been saying sometime next month. It’s not confirmed yet, but considering everything else they want to implement into the game this year I’d say it’s a pretty good guess.
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    ^ This @Erick Sugiarto, mistakes happen man. Do you know how much time and effort is involved with restoring thousands of player accounts individually? (especially considering everything else they’ve currently got on their plate) Most other companies wouldn’t have even bothered doing so with a...
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    So, why do you play?

    Honestly, I’m stuck on mobile atm cause my laptop took a dump. The other game I was playing is cancer atm (hearthstone), so I went through the App Store and stumbled upon SGM. Long time Mortal Kombat fan and I haven’t had my fighter fix in awhile, so I was like “eh what the hell, I’ll give it a...
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    I don’t normally do this, but after reading these upcoming changes.. I just had to make an account on here to give you guys a huge ‘thank you’. I only started playing yesterday, but man am I hooked; and after reading through what’s to come, that’s likely not going to change any time soon. This...