• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Irghen

    Wow, excellent site, I'm specially in love with your SGM Level Up Experience Thresholds! Thank...

    Wow, excellent site, I'm specially in love with your SGM Level Up Experience Thresholds! Thank you so much for those, I've been wondering the thresholds forever.
  2. Irghen

    Unholy Host Balance Adjustments

    I think she'll remain a powerhouse, which is nice. Automatic curse on defense does deal with like half of the cast. I do agree with @Aoskull on the Miasma thing.
  3. Irghen

    "Unholy Host"- Black Dahlia- General Strategies and Discussions

    Wow I hadn't faced many UHs before this prizefight and holy ■■■ she's the absolute ■■■■■■■ worst. Oh yeah! and then you can proceed to do a great total of 0 damage, tag out to an actual variant get hexed and cursed and die anyway. I'm just grinding to around a 10 streak until I find 3 defense...
  4. Irghen


    To be honest, I have no idea how this could even work in game, typing in landscape on a phone is a terrible experience. Either you use some alternate keyboard layout or it covers your entire screen. It's also why I have always been skeptical of the entire "guild" thing, I can't remember seeing...
  5. Irghen


    I'm very excited about the new game mode, SGM needs a breather and this should be a great way to give it a boost! If this was any other game I would be very worried about a Backstage Pass but SGM has some of the best monetization I've seen in a mobile game so I'm gonna trust you guys. The...
  6. Irghen

    Halloween - Costume Party Prize Fight

    Necrobreaker here I come!
  7. Irghen

    OFFICIAL - 5.1 Update Notes - Umbrella's Full Release!

    Wait, you could replay the same daily of the same difficulty several times? Or were you guys doing every difficulty for the rewards? I'm so confused right now o_O. I dropped the dailies as soon as I could go into high level pfs because the XP and challenge just weren't there. They felt like...
  8. Irghen

    OFFICIAL - 5.1 Update Notes - Umbrella's Full Release!

    Yeah great stuff in this update! Thank you to the entire SGM team for listening to the playerbase and going for our woes. I'm specially thankful for the loadouts and the diamond 5 change! Well, to be honest I haven't played a daily in months, maybe longer. On one hand I do hold EXP higher in my...
  9. Irghen

    Fights About the chrono

    It used to infuriate me too, first time it happenned I almost put my phone though the wall. However, when you really think about it in the long term health of the game there is really no other way to keep the game challenging. Think about it this way, if I could win PFs by Time Out I would...
  10. Irghen

    RIFT is a joke to new level 70's and why is there no Diamond 5 rank?

    I don't even see the point of trying until I get an Assassins Greed. Or spend another year leveling defenses, and another leveling moves. And watching the diamonds do the same and then the diamond cut off will be in the 2k range. Yeah I'm just venting. Let me be.
  11. Irghen

    Other Please make report username function (pic examples)

    Ok, yeah I agree some of these are really offensive; 1 and 2 are completely unacceptable 11, 12 and 15 are most certainly not ok but, come on man! "Menis Ponster"? That's real solid. At least when it's not cold outside I guess. Oppai Lovers and HornySheep also made me smile, not gonna lie.
  12. Irghen

    [5.2.1] All Palette References (yes, with images)

    - Her SA is a direct reference to the movie's name: "Little Shop of Horror" -> "Little Prop of Horror" - The character in question, Audrey II is actually a fly trap plant - Her quote is directly from one of the movie's best musical numbers: If you haven't watched the movie please do, you...
  13. Irghen

    Lobs of Love Nerf

    I guess I should experiment with it a bit more as I didn't find this one out. Ended up swapping it for a Drillationship on my Phantom Threads for the armor break and the combo extensions but I really miss the corner loops.
  14. Irghen

    Well excuuuse me, Princess!

    She's waiting for that sweet sweet Disney movie deal cash.
  15. Irghen

    My Queries :

    The difference in strenght is worth the massively increased investment, even if you only get one.. say, Diva Intervention or Primed it will carry all your silvers along. It obviously depends on your current resources, but if you can muster enough canopy and skill points to max one of the top...
  16. Irghen

    My Queries :

    1. Wrestler X 2. Doom counter pauses while the recepient is tagged out and will continue once they enter the playfierld. 3. CM you want someone with low damage multihit moves and buff removal. Rusty is a great counter. Bio is trickier and depends on how much damage you can dish out, if you...
  17. Irghen

    [5.2.1] All Palette References (yes, with images)

    Great job! I'm pretty sure she is a referwnce to Rainbow Brite.
  18. Irghen

    Halloween - Costume Party Prize Fight

    I'm having fun with the pf but I'm concerned I won't make it to Necrobreaker,with so many days it might go superhigh.
  19. Irghen

    Umbrella Palette Ideas

    Well, that's just perfect 👌
  20. Irghen


    This. I'm actually pretty burn out atm since 90% of my game time is dedicated to leveling fodder instead of focusing on building my actual fighters.