• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Paul Maverick

    Bug - Normal Blockbusters in the mailbox.

    Hello, my English is not very good, but I still wanted to report this bug. Claiming mailbox rewards, I've noticed that Blockbusters and special moves come out like this: https://imgur.com/gallery/CTrM7dT I've also had performance problems when I'm in a battle. It happens with every update. I...
  2. Paul Maverick

    Parasoul Critical Damage.?

    Thank you very much for your answer! I really appreciate this information.
  3. Paul Maverick

    Strategy Bronze

    Thanks for correcting me (:
  4. Paul Maverick

    Strategy Bronze

    Hi, I usually read but never publish anything. Sorry my English is not very good, I'm learning. I want to share with you a strategy. It is super useful for players who are just starting to play as only Bronze characters are needed, and serves against the main defense teams in "Prize Fights"...
  5. Paul Maverick

    Parasoul Critical Damage.?

    Hi, I have a question. Can Parasoul exceed 100% on Critical Damage? My critical damage is already 70%. With each active tear, it increases by 32%, which means that only one tear is enough to reach 100%. In this case, I don't want to increase her ability any further. Sorry about my...
  6. Paul Maverick

    OFFICIAL: 2.1.0 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    Hello, I see that the update for iOS is now available. Should I delete and reinstall?
  7. Paul Maverick

    OFFICIAL: 2.0.4 Maintenance Complete + User Data Details

    Gracias! (: Everything is fine. Can I link my account back to fb or could there be a problem?