• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Kumaro

    Characters New Beowulf Variant idea

    Hi, I just watched a thread where a Skullgirls player was giving some ideas for new characters variants. I had a concept for a New Beowulf variant for a while in my head, so here it is. Beowulf Paulette: 11 (80's neon colors) Variant Name: Moon Howler (in a reference to Michael Jackson's movie...
  2. Kumaro

    Bug - Normal The Robo-Fortune Assault Battery laser does not work!

    Device: Moto E4 RAM: 2GB Android Versión: 7.1 Well the title almost say all, but when I use Assault Battery, after electrocuting the oponent, the laser doesn't hit. That part of the Blockbuster doesn't damage the oponent at all. (I had to cut the image a little because aparently the...
  3. Kumaro

    Bug - Normal Player Level Up Rewards gone wrong...

    Device: Moto E4 RAM: 2GB Android Versión: 7.1 Well, after the update came out, I updated my game and tried the first Battle node of A Fishbone to Pick, and after winning, the game gave me Player Level Up Rewards... But I didn't Level Up As you can see, I became millionaire by this bug...
  4. Kumaro

    Fights Longshot Bonus in Rift Battles

    B) Also include Catalyst in the calculations, of course
  5. Kumaro

    Bug - Normal No XP/100% chapter rewards

    That happened to me too!
  6. Kumaro

    Fights Longshot Bonus in Rift Battles

    Well, the title of this post almost say everything, but yesterday I was navigating in the "Feedback and Suggestions" forum and I found a post titled "Add Catalyst Bonus in Rift Battles" and I got an idea, why not add Longshot Bonus in Rift Battles? It can be way more interesting.
  7. Kumaro

    Bug - Normal Exp Disappeared

    Yeah, I used No Egrets and Just Kitten to go into the fight
  8. Kumaro

    Bug - Normal Exp Disappeared

    Device: Moto E4 RAM: 2GB Android version: 7.0 Bug in the "Víctory!" screen. As you can see, the Exp for No Egrets is not there.
  9. Kumaro

    Story Story mode and origins.

    I agree.
  10. Kumaro

    Where's the Fighter Score?

    After the update, the Fighter Score disappeared from the custom screen. Before the update, the custom screen looked like this: This is really annoying especially when you're upgrading a character and you don't know how many points it earned, can you fix it, please?
  11. Kumaro

    Error Code: -1

    After the update the game has a serious bad conection. The error that appears the most is Error Code: -1 This message appears ever before a fight or after a fight.
  12. Kumaro

    OFFICIAL: 3.2.1 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    Good but... There's still the bug when the characters voices sounds weird, like a sounds quality decreased...
  13. Kumaro

    OFFICIAL: Robo Fortune Release and Possible New Characters

    Oh man, this Is awesome!!! This is because I love Skullgirls *0* I really like Annie to be the first New Character :3
  14. Kumaro

    Fights Attacks in Sekhmet Mode should count towards the Blockbuster Finish in Rifts

    Because Sekhmet attacks are more like Beowulf's Hype Mode. Only the first hit you give with Sekhmet it's considered like a Blockbuster. Also, you can finish a battle with "Blockbuster finish" with "Lady of Slaughter"
  15. Kumaro

    Bug - Normal 2 characters in VICTORY! screen

    Actually, I only like to post bugs to help you to improve the game experience, I'm not expecting something big...
  16. Kumaro

    Bug - Normal 2 characters in VICTORY! screen

    Device: Moto E4 RAM: 2 GB Android version: 7.0 Game version: 3.1.2 When you defeat an opponent with the "Forbidden Procedure" Blockbuster at the same time that you revive an allie this allie will be present in the victory screen. As you can see, I revived filia and now she's in the victory...
  17. Kumaro

    Bug - Normal Character voice

    Yeah, it sounds in low quality even in my cellphone's speakers
  18. Kumaro

    Bug - Normal Dead of Winter SA bug

    When Dead of Winter - Squigly resurrect after 30 seconds it does without Armor.