• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Tsukiakari

    OFFICIAL - 6.0 Update Notes - Marie's Debut!

    This is exactly my problems with No Mercy, almost half of my frequently used roster can't not be use in No Mercy, aside from the one you mention above, I want to add any Filia with ringlet Spike, and every Valentine with Laryngectomy and Checkmate Incision. The Immunity like before is not great...
  2. Tsukiakari

    Doubles Prestige...

    But the thing with Double Prestige is you have to be able to change element for (100/13 = 7.6) 8 times before it can activate. You can't reliable transmute 8 times and then being at Element advantage, especially in high streak since they won't let you block and transmute
  3. Tsukiakari

    Bug - Normal Possible Bug with Umbrella BB3 and Squigly's MA

    I have found a possible Bug (or perhap "working as intented"?), it is the interaction between Umbrella BB3 Feeding Time and Squigly MA Dead alive. Scenario: I was playing Pallarel Realm, with Death Wish, equip with BB3 Feeding Time, against Squigly and 2 other opponents. I used BB3 on Squigly...
  4. Tsukiakari

    Am i the only one who decided to give up on Peacock origin Master difficulty just to save my sanity?

    Rather than saying "skill issue", I will offer you a strategy to get pass this with ease, and with minumum investment. Leading with Inkling (you don't need her to gold since the attack is capped at 5000), she has 25% Unblockable special moves while she has living teammates -> equip her with 5...
  5. Tsukiakari

    When exactly monthly exclusive fighters be avaiable in fighter and premier relics?

    Do we have any information about when monthly exclusive fighters show up in normal relics? The only information I got is from the update post So how many "later updates" are we talking about, it's been 2 big updates and 3 months and we don't have any information about them yet.
  6. Tsukiakari

    How to win this nightmare?

    With the new modifier that turn Bleed to Regen, you really can't use Love Crafted since she can cause bleed -> regen. Have you try the pew pew strategy? Harleyqueen couple with X-Bot, X-Bot can stand far away and shoot at shadow puppet and dreadlock with precision. Or you could try a easier...
  7. Tsukiakari

    Is this story teasure node possible

    I used Valentine Graveyard Shift with ICU unlock to clear this node (which is the best way I found). Graveyard Shift can easily dealt with 2 modifiers, bleed turn into Heavy Regen by ICU, her SA can inflict Curse and Health Block. About BB, you can ignore it, equip more special moves, and grind...
  8. Tsukiakari

    Moves notation thread

    Skullgirl mobile have a very detail wiki that go into each variants and modifiers. In this case L5 -> Land 5: A full combo you execute on land by tapping 5 times (if you upgrade the fifth move on skil tree)
  9. Tsukiakari

    Quietus DEBUFF

    My question is: Is it only counter Blessing and Final Stand only ? Can they be rezz by Forbidden Proceduce or by Death Wish/Kill Joy SA or not? -> Maybe this is where that corspes destroy CA come into play. If Marie can reliable apply that debuff, she would be a pefect rez counter fighter...
  10. Tsukiakari

    Slots o' Fun (August Prize Fight)

    Unholy Host and Death Wish are also quite fun to play in this pf too, one can deny buffs the other steal them. Edit: And I get my second Snake Bite and 3 irrelevent Silver. Good thing is Beo's prestige is useful
  11. Tsukiakari

    More then one daliy relic?

    You claim it but don't swipe up to open it and back out, do it everyday for Daily Relics and each 4 hours for Take a Break Relics
  12. Tsukiakari

    Updating Double's character abillity

    I see 2 side of this Double problems - The original: The transmuting is too RNG, in higher streak, opponents attack relentlessly, making it nigh impossible to transmuting to the right elements. I rarely use her in high streak, unless the opponent already in the right element (oftenly dark) - The...
  13. Tsukiakari

    Parallel Realms

    Needing a specific variant (a diamond at that) and min-maxing stats and moves (also cheese) is not a good game design, don't you think? It's Warframe"s Nightmare mode all over again, with rediculous enemies that only reward min maxing, boring gameplay, endgame players.
  14. Tsukiakari

    Parallel Realms

    The thing I want to focus is the overclocked with reflect damage prestige, how can I kill her without getting 100% damage reflect and kill myself first. At that point, it's about my damage vs my own HP and her HP, and you know how that went.
  15. Tsukiakari

    Parallel Realms

    Just face this boss node on No mercy, how am I suppose to beat this. Let's me explained what's wrong with it. The Biting Cold with Tainted is already hard enough but I can solder through, the AG with burst, inflict bleed + her SA and modifier make her nearly immortal if I have bleed. But I can...
  16. Tsukiakari

    Parallel Realms

    Don't need to worried about that, I have met Death Wish, Model, Unholy host on all first 3 node at the second stage in Nightmare. At that point, it's all about chosse the lesser evil. They're not that beefy compare to the usual defender that we face in Rift or Prize Fight, but the fact that...
  17. Tsukiakari

    Backstage pass is here .................... and im loving it

    look at your analyze I realize something: The BP is a contradicting thing itself The value is tied up in stuff and I get plenty of that stuff playing the game already -> Only if you are an endgame players, then you can get consitent stuff like CC, theo and diamond key (which imo the best thing...
  18. Tsukiakari

    Backstage pass is here .................... and im loving it

    I was thinking of sumerize the pass and let someone else did the math to see if the backstage pass is worth it or not, but you just one step ahead of me so thank you. Just some caculate suggestion. Because the pass run for the whole month, you should compare it to the value of the...
  19. Tsukiakari

    OFFICIAL - 5.4.1 Update Notes - Parallel Realms and the Backstage Pass

    A bit of background, I'm a fairy end game player, lv70 with a quite bit of lv60 diamond fighters. So after the update, I try out Parallel Realms, with the highest difficulty possible, which is Master, I had a few tidbits to share: - Finish Pallarel Realms only count as finish 2 floors on the...
  20. Tsukiakari

    Collection KEY'S RELICS

    In the Roadmap, they say they have a new game mode, I hope that they can shift Key as a Reward to that mode. For example, if you top 10%, you'll get 10 bronze, 5 silver, 2 golds, 1 diamond. But tbh, the ratio of fighter rarity is pretty skew where gold + diamond variants > bronze + silver one.