• [2018/06/22]
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    Will I lose the shiny attribute?

    Dude, no worries! When you use a shiny Epic Sax to power up your shiny Diamond Epic Sax, the shiny attribute won't be lost. It's all good for prestige – double shiny vibes! 🌟🎷 #GamerDilemmas
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    Revamp some variants

    so many options
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    Is this story teasure node possible

    Yo, sounds like a tough level! Try this strat: hit her to remove bleeding, then go for the knockout to cancel regen. Time those hits and knockouts right. Use a fighter with solid combo potential. You got this, fam! 💪🔥 #GamerLife #LevelUp
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    Other Doing collaborations with other video games, I think

    Collaborating between video games can bring a unique and thrilling experience to players. It's like having a crossover event in the gaming world, and it's always exciting to see how different characters and universes interact. As for my favorite game, I have a soft spot for Counter Strike. It's...
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    I understand that sometimes your location might not be the best for finding players, and using a VPN or proxy can be a way to improve your experience.