• [2018/06/22]
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  1. vucaar

    Gold Prize Fight Cutoff

    Note: I don't speak english so forgive me for my writing and drafting (take some popcorn and enjoy). Maybe it won't be a post that you would like, you player that place a lot of effort and time to get an outstanding score in Prize Fights, you would get a top 10 or not, but still it is a score...
  2. vucaar

    Outtake performance

    Okay, if there is a post that reffers to my issue, please let me know and I will delete this thing. To understand 1st char (character): the one that starts the battle. 2nd char: The middle one of the team. 3rd char: The last one of your team (bottom). What is the logic of the outtakes? I...
  3. vucaar

    About changes in Signature Abilities (3.4 update)

    I don't speak english so everything you are going to read will be a bunch of broken english. Thanks for your attention. Seriously, what is happening guys? You are not losing so much being honest but basically I can say that I am near to retire from rift battles since you only "counter" or...
  4. vucaar

    About Decrypted's Eliza new SA

    I haven't the time to make that post before but I guess we could have enough time to test (if we have the character obviously) that variant already. With the latest update, we could have the chance to see a great change to some signature abilities (SA for future references) of forgotten or...
  5. vucaar

    Cerebella Butt Slam Move

    Seeing that they're improving and developing some moves, I have a fast idea: Why don't they improve butt slam? Note: I'm not talking about hornet bomber (Double's move) I have an idea about that improvement: 1. While she's preparing the move, if you hit her, you can get stun for 3 seconds...
  6. vucaar

    Resolved Cerebella's Marquee Ability (issue with marquee or pummel horse)

    I realized that if you activate the Cerebella Marquee Ability, she can "drain" meter from the opponent, even if she/he doesn't have a drop of meter, like the following video: So, let's take a look to the description of marquee: 'Throws drain 20% meter from the opponent's blockbusters'...
  7. vucaar

    Vial Hazard+Countervenom "chain"

    Before the 2.4 update arrives, you would use a Vial Hazard Move (1st phase), and don't throw the syringe (2nd phase of movement) to deal a "poison effect" to the opponent when you use a Countervenom Blockbuster (like the original game if I remember well), but now it doesn't work anymore, I...
  8. vucaar

    Other About a new mode (for the game)

    Credits: I remembered @Ryouhi saying about cards in the game to get prizes or rewards, and some players trying to discuss about new modes so, for personal determination, I want to give a suggestion too. If you’ve a similar idea or similar pieces realted to this, you can comment this post sharing...
  9. vucaar

    Lucky (Daily) Relic Pull

    Last Sunday, I woke up in the morning, saw my phone and then opened the game. I realized that I collected 10 daily relics so I said: Why not? and opened 10 daily relics in a row..... What happened? I don't know (really), see by yourselves: I want to know if you have ever had a super relic...