• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Bunkorre

    No Fortune love?

    Oh really? I must've forgotten that. Double's been around in the canon timeline for a long time and technically you wouldn't be able to tell she's evil from a glance at her nun form, and she only becomes grotesque when fighting so I think it would've been fine to include her anyways. Also! One...
  2. Bunkorre

    No Fortune love?

    In the Character Design Paradigms thread, she's not listed on the charts either, so she might not come for a long time, unfortunately. But mechanics aside, the story is also a prequel and shows non-dismembered Ms. Fortune, so I'd wonder how that would work out too. I'm sure they'll find a way...
  3. Bunkorre

    Bug - Normal AI Attacking During Advanced Cerebella Combo

    Samsung Note 5; Android I've only noticed this with Cerebella, but while in the middle of her advanced tap combo, the AI is sometimes able to act (combo or blockbuster, not counting bursts) in between the third or fourth hits of the combo. This would lead me to believe that the hitstun is short...
  4. Bunkorre

    is there any way to block/avoid unblockable blockbuster?

    I'll refer you to these threads, it's a pretty well discussed topic nowadays. http://forum.skullgirlsmobile.com/threads/is-there-any-way-to-evade-unblockable-bbs.330/ http://forum.skullgirlsmobile.com/threads/on-the-subject-of-invincible-fullscreen-unblockables.332/
  5. Bunkorre

    Prize Fight- No Pain No Gain

    Honestly, I think the best change would be to simply make them not unblockable. Lower damage would just mean you can face a bit higher opponents before their BB3 destroys you just the same. Invincible? Fine. Fullscreen? Sure, sets them apart from the normal and grab blockbusters. High damage...
  6. Bunkorre

    Prize Fight- No Pain No Gain

    It's an awful feeling going into a match and having to decide "Who will I have to sacrifice to the BB3 this enemy has?", and then in a higher streak realizing that you still won't be able to defeat a higher score fighter before they get another BB3 off, and so you already know you're doomed to...
  7. Bunkorre

    Fights On the subject of Invincible Fullscreen Unblockables

    I'd like to point out an experience I had recently that doesn't necessarily align with some of the others that have been brought up so far. It was a pretty entertaining prize fight, where I played poorly and lost two fighters because of which, but then managed to bring it back with my last...
  8. Bunkorre

    How am I supposed to defeat such an opponent?

    The Big Band dailies have been kinda annoying because of the invincible procs but...one of the stages gives him Permanent Heavy Regen when at 10% health, on top of all those other modifiers you listed. Dealing with this was even worse than the final one, because anytime he becomes invincible...
  9. Bunkorre

    Post your collection

    Finally got my first gold fighter...it only took nearly the entirety of story mode, including expert. http://imgur.com/a/XmSSt It's silly to be locked out of content just because luck didn't give me any golds, when my fighters are more than capable of handling difficult content. Edit: Well...
  10. Bunkorre

    Post your collection

    I am not a lucky man, it seems. http://imgur.com/a/icl3n Everything to the right is more bronzes, and a lot of Peacocks from when I unsuccessfully tried to get my favorite Peacock pallette in her exclusive relic. Basic story 100% complete, halfway through Advanced, Fishbone expert 96%, and I...