• [2018/06/22]
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  1. eray94

    "Ageless Wonder" - Strategy & Discussion

    Yes, they have the exact same stats. 8,5K ATK and 67K HP when maxed.
  2. eray94

    Help finding an "old" guide - Ranking best appliers of every debuffs and maybe also buffs

  3. eray94

    It'll be most likely Ninja Star.

    It'll be most likely Ninja Star.
  4. eray94

    Resolved Regarding Accolades

    Heart of Darkness and Xenomorph counts as one character since they are both Double.
  5. eray94

    Story Mode - Match Challenges Guide & Discussion

    Do you have any ICU Valentine or Bloodbath? It's very easy to do it with them. Just avoid doing big hits like Valentine's Countervenoms. It can also achieved with Bio-Exorcist using Immunity taunt. If this isn't enough use a Rockstar as support.
  6. eray94

    accuracy's question

    Signature abilities doesn't affected by Meter Gain.
  7. eray94

    Resolved I dont know what is happening

    #100 cutoff was 18,919,000 points in that Prize Fight and your score was 165,824. So no errors in here. You might want to check this thread: https://forum.skullgirlsmobile.com/threads/official-prize-fight-rift-battle-score-reports.845/
  8. eray94

    Back to School 2020 - A Class of One's Own Prize Fight

    The AI is able to cancel dashes into other attacks like launchers, trips, special moves etc. In this case, even if you succesfully intercept them, they won't lose their invincibility. Trying to intercept them a bit early may help or just using a projectile is a way less risky way to do this.
  9. eray94

    Bug - Normal Filia’s first cut

    When The First Cut procs, Filia dispels all bleed stacks from her opponent and gives them perma bleeds. However, if an opponent has some resistance, they can resist some of those perma bleeds (maybe all of them because RNG decides this). Since accuracy negates resistance, you can try to give...
  10. eray94

    A dev once said that it’s intended.

    A dev once said that it’s intended.
  11. eray94

    Peacock's "Cast Party"-Marquee feels too strong on rifts

    No, percent chances doesn't stack. But using more than one Peacock with Cast Party, increases the unblockable tag in chance. For example, a team with two Peacocks with max level Cast Party has 75% chance for an unblockable tag in.
  12. eray94

    @Parciales00 You can use this thread...

    @Parciales00 You can use this thread: https://forum.skullgirlsmobile.com/threads/cheater-hacker-reporting.2943/
  13. eray94

    OFFICIAL: Issues with Rift Battle Season Rewards (July 6th - 12th)

    I deleted this mail while it's in the read inbox, maybe that's why I can't claim my rewards now.
  14. eray94

    Squigly's projectiles

  15. eray94

    OFFICIAL: Issues with Rift Battle Season Rewards (July 6th - 12th)

    I did exactly 27 matches last week. I hope they're still investigating the problem.
  16. eray94

    OFFICIAL: Issues with Rift Battle Season Rewards (July 6th - 12th)

    I still got no rewards. I tried to restart the game as you said in a different thread but no luck. Any suggestions?
  17. eray94

    Bug - Normal Water Required on High Tide Attack?

    I think Cellsai just forget to mention about this in the update notes, so I believe it's intended.
  18. eray94

    It can be 35M maximum

    It can be 35M maximum
  19. eray94

    Hitting someone while dashing is super inconsitent

    Most of the time, AI cancels dashes into trips, launchers, ground combos etc. That's why this is happening.
  20. eray94

    Resolved Flytrap suddenly died without being hit. 4.3.

    Maybe she got killed by Freeze Frame's SA2: