• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Sayonara

    OFFICIAL: 2.4.0 Relic Odds [OUTDATED]

    It says 100.0% chance to get the featured character fighter. Does it not mean a guaranteed chance to get every fighter in the 1+ bonus pack?
  2. Sayonara

    Other Gifting Feature

    I trust you on this one Psyche, and I think that yes, the should be the necessary precautions to avoid a Advanced player from giving a newbie a overpowered start. Sure it may be fun killing the weak AI so easily, but it isn’t fair to not just the game, but the game devs. They worked hard for...
  3. Sayonara

    Other Gifting Feature

    I see a few of the replies, and I thank you for replying about this. I believe that there should in fact be more ways to balance out this feature so that it would be less exploitable. I believe that maybe a Level Cap or 20-25 is reasonable, and the gifts should be bought with REAL currency. If...
  4. Sayonara


  5. Sayonara

    Other Gifting Feature

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have the feature to send and/or receive gifts? Whether it is for friends or just random kindness, being able to send gifts to friends using the upcoming social/friend system would be great! You can use Theonite or Credit Card to buy the gift packs. Perhaps you can click...