• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Kurokazeee

    Fights Too much utility given to strongest attackers in current meta

    Hi all, just wanted to give a few comments on how the strongest attackers in the current meta have a bit too much utility to the point it becomes difficult to counter / these attackers are almost always used ... This list is by no means exhaustive, but I just want to raise a few examples to...
  2. Kurokazeee

    Question on meter gain cap and haste

    Quick question on meter gain cap and haste... I know the meter gain cap is set at 100%, but if I have 100% meter gain and gain haste buff, do I get 200% meter gain or is the haste useless since the cap is still 100%? What about temporary haste buff + permanent haste buff (I have seen both...
  3. Kurokazeee

    Question on Rift Catalyst Slomo and reserve meter gain

    Hi all, Have a question about meter gain. I think Cellsai mentioned previously that reserve fighters gain some fraction of meter gained of the active fighter. Regarding this previous post, I have two questions here: 1) if the active fighter is affected by rift catalyst super slomo, does that...
  4. Kurokazeee

    Other Rift Matchmaking Suggestions

    Rift matchmaking is a difficult problem to fix. Many posts have been made but I would like to humbly provide some analysis and (reiterate) some suggestions to improve the situation: What is the main problem with rift? In my opinion, it is (1) the feeling of an unfair matchup regardless of rift...
  5. Kurokazeee

    Fights Underutilized catalysts need rework

    Would just like to post some ideas on much needed rework of various under-utilized catalysts. I think a common thread of these is depending on the AI choosing to use a special or using a bb etc. There is huge uncertainty in AI decision-making -- is my AI going to even try to proc these catalysts...
  6. Kurokazeee

    Fights Buff Crit Resist substat?

    Why does crit resist work differently from the (piercing - defense) and (accuracy - resistance) interactions? From my tests in game, it seems that crit resist is not subtractive from the enemy crit chance but is multiplicative. As in, if the enemy has 50% crit chance and I have 50% crit resist...
  7. Kurokazeee

    Bug - Normal Precision not activating with Headhunter unblockable SA

    Hi all, I noticed that when using Headhunter, the precision buff is consumed when I use an unblockable (I have 5 precision stacks) attack due to my SA on a blocking dreadlocks but I still receive reflect damage. I tried again with precision and when the dreadlocks is not blocking and precision...