• [2018/06/22]
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  1. GoldenAbyss6197

    Bug - Normal Random crashes

    I have began to notice that the app’s performance has been staggering a bit. During some fights or in the character select screen the games frame rate will drop drastically and then hard crash back to the home screen. Also when I ever fight Big Band and he has Strike up the Band, I’m afraid he...
  2. GoldenAbyss6197

    Bug - Crash Constant Crashing

    After installing the 1.5.0 update I have been experiencing constant crashes happening randomly. I have an IPod Touch 6th gen with iOS 11 installed. My game wasn’t crashing before this update and I would appreciate it if you guys could resolve this issue thanks.
  3. GoldenAbyss6197

    Filia Relic Pack?

    Hey guys I have a total of 2,805 jems and I am trying to get a gold Filia. I have 7 out of the total 8 characters Golden besides Filia which my highest Filia is Silver. Should I get the 10 Filia Relic Pack when it arrives? Is it worth it?
  4. GoldenAbyss6197

    Bug - Crash Reward Crash

    Every time I finish up at least 5 matches and go to the shop to claim my Theonite reward the games crashes. Also on any mode if I play the app for a long period of time the app crashes on me. Devs could you please fix this for me and greatly improve my experience with the game.
  5. GoldenAbyss6197

    Update Character

    A character from the original Skullgirls roster is suppose to drop by the end of this month. What character do you want to see that is not on the mobile version yet?
  6. GoldenAbyss6197

    New Character speculation

    With the recent announcement of a new character and a new story coming later this month, what character do you want to see coming in this month's update to Skullgirls mobile?