• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Likeaboss6311

    Other More crashes in new update

    this new update is making my game crash for more things then it had before. beforehand i was simply crashing for tapping fight in PF, but now i'm starting to crash for everything. Open the COC, crash. Open my friends list, crash. press fight on prize fight, crash. try to connect to a battle in...
  2. Likeaboss6311

    Bug - Crash costume party random crash

    so i was just playing and enjoying going through my battles when my i was about to enter my 66th battle in a row, tapped fight, took away my energy, and then boom, homescreen. opened the game again, went to costume party, please pay 325 theonite to restore winning streak. not cool, not fun.
  3. Likeaboss6311

    Bug - Normal What’s with the energy timers?

    Apologies that you can’t see the images but the site gives me problems when trying to upload images as a file on both my laptop and iPhone so I pasted them to try and allow you guys to see them. But to answer your questions, no it’s not just a singular character like the Bio squigly I posted in...
  4. Likeaboss6311

    Bug - Normal What’s with the energy timers?

    Tiny update to this but after... not so patiently sitting around watching the timer 10 seperate times, the timerf often restarts the most either on 53 secs remaining - 5:53 after restart, or back to 6:07 as mentioned before.
  5. Likeaboss6311

    Bug - Normal Random Sound Effects playing over regular audio

    oh hey! this was the exact issue I reported. Glad someone was able to actually record it and get the specifications to the devs!
  6. Likeaboss6311

    Bug - Normal What’s with the energy timers?

    As it is with this game when you’re done fighting your energy regenerates slowly but surely. But am I crazy for thinking that one energy bar regenerates after every 5 mins once one is used while the energy part of A characters tree is fully upgraded? Some of my friends tell me they have 5 mins...
  7. Likeaboss6311

    Bug - Normal Weird bug with ads

    Rarely after watching ads there will be this sound effect playing in the background for no reason that constantly repeats. It’s sort of “shew-pong” or “shew-pah” type of slapping sound effect. It’s easily fixed after a quick restart but felt it should be reported despite that fact.
  8. Likeaboss6311

    Fights 4.3 strikes again

    Who doesn’t love beating a dead horse right? Well, I don’t. Because 4.3 still has the same problem. Winning. Streak. Losses. Although, I’ll give credit to the fact that it’s way more rare to come across this problem, it’s still a problem none the less. It tends to happen when you’re internet is...
  9. Likeaboss6311


    This is gonna be so awesome to destroy my opponent’s with Annie when she eventually releases. And make them feel the star power! I have a plethora of questions as well, but I’ll ask my main three. Will Annie have custom intro and outro lines across multiple characters and will the rest of the...
  10. Likeaboss6311

    Characters Small hit detection issue with fenrir drive

    just a minor update on this, but fenrir drive has the same hit detection issue with fukua as well
  11. Likeaboss6311

    Bug - Normal Accolades

    Hello, I would like to receive some help getting the milestones I have achieved in accolades. below are screenshots showing proof of these accomplishments, yet the tree has not given me my rewards. thank you ahead of time for your help.
  12. Likeaboss6311

    Bug - Normal Beowulf v fukua bug

    So I found a pretty hilarious yet weird bug, when I was fighting (idk if the variant matters) splitting image fukua with my wulfsbane Beowulf, I kept grabbing her, and every time I did Beowulf would put her behind his back, and slam her on the ground. Hype mode wasn’t activated btw, and I didn’t...
  13. Likeaboss6311

    Characters Small hit detection issue with fenrir drive

    When using fenrir drive on another filia, the initial 8 hits she gets while rising in the air, is reduced to 6 for some reason in comparison to everyone else. When she finishes using it on herself the total amount of hits she gets is 8 while everyone else is hit 10 times.
  14. Likeaboss6311

    Other Ease of life changes

    The new rift map is very fun, but this new “cycling between between weekly elements” thing it’s got going for it is both good and bad. Because it annoys everyone and their mother to constantly have to update their rift map. What it needs is to have our rift maps be saved, the same way that prize...
  15. Likeaboss6311

    Other Old problem, new update

    I take back what I said... it just happened with my LTE. It’s still generally a problem with the servers.
  16. Likeaboss6311

    Other Old problem, new update

    So the problem with losing streaks after winning a fight? Yeah it’s still a problem. Except I might’ve found the reason why. I’ve been (annoyingly) testing my theory on whether or not slow internet has to be the cause. So after trying to play the game while everyone was using the internet my...
  17. Likeaboss6311

    Other Killjoy and plot twisted glitches/bugs

    the plot twisted stuff is false btw
  18. Likeaboss6311

    Other Killjoy and plot twisted glitches/bugs

    So I was playing a match against and my final enemy (shockingly) was killjoy and I beat her and was expecting like a sec and 1/2 break before an enemy revived and tagged back in, but eliza just got up immediately without tagging in, just got up and beat the life out of my Beowulf... fun. Oh and...
  19. Likeaboss6311

    Other Fukua prize fight reward

    So I pushed through the somewhat annoying (without immunity taunt at least) prize fight for fukua and it was a welcome addition to the game. But, and I’m hoping this is a mistake and not some sick joke, why did I get golden moves for FILIA, and not for FUKUA when I received my top 10% reward...