• [2018/06/22]
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    Ultraviolent Counter Rift Futile Resistance After 6.1?

    After the 6.1 update, I’ve been excited to test out new strategies in rift. With Big Band’s Futile Resistance catalyst being updated to ignore piercing, it can make a him a much tougher defender! One thought I had was maybe Peacock Ultraviolent could be a good counter to Futile Resistance since...
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    Fights Add Rift Mode - Test Rift Base

    It would be cool if a mode could be added to test run your rift base. Most of the veteran players pretty much know exactly what catalysts and defenders to use, but it could be helpful for new players that could test run their rift base themselves and realize a node is too easy and could be...
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    Marie Heartless: Invest in Accuracy?

    For my Heartless, I managed to get some moves with great ATK % (still hoping to move that defense stat to piercing though, only Cabinet of Curiosities has the Marie retakes unfortunately). Wondering if I should try to invest more in Accuracy in the future? It’s always nice facing a Death Wish...
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    Fights Add Warning: No Moves Equipped

    Suggestion: When you click to go into a rift or prize fight battle, it would be great if a warning message would pop up if you have a fighter with no moves. I know there is a warning when you go to change a loadout from another fighter, but this might help newer players save pf streaks if they...