• [2018/06/22]
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    SG Custom Fighters

    This funny guy is very funny. Cool 5th tier frame and character idea. Opal, or, Skullmetal. Tried to make him look like Gaster but a bit from the old cartoon detective movies. Looks cool, but not exactly what I was expecting (worse than imagined).
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    Other Censorship Solution

    Well, I'd say it like this. Shortly, censorship is for the best. But if with explanations, then here. This game is a free game on mobile. The same Skullgirls game is on PC, but a bit different. Story is different, nothing gains censorship, and here's why. Android game is free. That means every...
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    Other My thread disappears when I enter the page

    It's like, they check if you said something bad in the thread, and then post your thread in a couple of days
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    Other Doing collaborations with other video games, I think

    Imagine something like, Skullgirls x Mortal Kombat. Skullgirls bring Scorpion, Raiden and Sub Zero skins, and MK adds themselves Peacock as playable character. Would be cool
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    Other Any ideas out here?

    To be honest, I appreciate censorship of the game. This game will lose their dark mask and they will reveal something like: Mortal Kombat, but story, mechanics, and characters are different, and there's a bunch of references. And I would prefer light side than the current one, and I hope that...
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    Other Any ideas out here?

    I'll start with mine. First idea, is to make Panzerfaust playable, I'm not here for any boongas gameplay, I'm more here for Mortal Kombat cartoonish style fights, and honestly a bit disappointed. But Panzerfaust will make it work, imagine a 9 ft wall that doesn't fit in the screen coming at...