• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Sh3t


    One thing I was hoping for that I didn't see mentioned anywhere is an ability to have a specific rift "loadout" for each different elemental week so players don't need to manually swap their fighters out every week in order to cater to the changing modifiers. Otherwise, I love everything I'm...
  2. Sh3t

    OFFICIAL: 4.4.1 Update Notes (Now Available!)

    I might be remembering wrong then, but I'm pretty sure whenever there's been a perma final stand there is some other way it expires
  3. Sh3t

    OFFICIAL: 4.4.1 Update Notes (Now Available!)

    Permanent buffs can have timers too, Permanent just means if can't be taken away via other buff removal.
  4. Sh3t

    OFFICIAL: 4.3.3 Update Notes - Now Available!

    honestly why do we still have rift coins in gifts, at this point just get rid of them
  5. Sh3t

    "Feathered Edges" Fukua - Strategies and Discussion

    She actually reflects double the projectile damage she receives, similar to how Falco's reflector works.
  6. Sh3t

    "Chameleon Twist" Fukua - Strategies and Discussion

    It seems as though Miasma also drains meter