• [2018/06/22]
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    Characters Changing Umbrella's moveset effects

    I know it's been a while since the slime rework, but what really irks me is how umbrella's moveset wasn't changed. Umbrella's moveset is too focused on one effect (slime), and I would love to see the character have some more interesting effects in their moveset than having everything be...
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    Unholy Host Balance Adjustments

    Damn I actually did not expect unholy host to get nerfed. Still have mixed feelings that y'all decided to nerf her AFTER she had a spotlight relic and right BEFORE she was announced to be in summer breeze relics, but I'm glad she got retouched nonetheless.
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    A Critique of Retakes

    So after a couple months after retakes were introduced and playing around with them, I still believe that retakes still need to be tweaked/reworked due to 2 major issues: 1. Retakes are incredibly random and inconsistent The fact that you could roll for the same stat twice after a second reroll...
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    disbalanced character

    TRUEE HoD does need a buff/rework. A variant with a skin as cool as her's doesn't deserve to be powercreeped.
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    You guys went a bit too far with Death Wish umbrella

    Death wish is definitely a strong variant, but there are counterplays to her. Precision, hex, command grab loops are a couple of counters I have on the top of my head. If anything, I would rather the devs focus on buffing the other diamonds than nerfing Death wish. If they do decide to nerf...
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    Other Make more moves Special/Super Cancellable

    So I was watching some Skullgirls 2E combo videos to get some inspiration for some potential combos in mobile, and one key difference I noticed between the two is that 2E has more moves that can cancel into specials or BBs, while the same moves in mobile do not. I think this should be changed...
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    Collection Free refreshes for Cabinet of Curiosities

    Title above. I think we should be able to refresh the selection of CoC for free at least once since it is completely random. 50 theonite is too much for refreshing for another random selection. I remember trying to refresh the shop 6 times just to buy a diamond key. Never got it, and wasted 300...
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    OFFICIAL - 5.2 Update Notes - Black Dahlia's Debut!

    Honestly I was thinking it could be made into another resource. An idea I had was that maybe this resource would "degrade" a move lvl down by one (so making a lvl 15 move a lvl 14 move for example). This way you still have a chance to upgrade the stat you want, but it's not guaranteed. So it's...
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    OFFICIAL - 5.2 Update Notes - Black Dahlia's Debut!

    Also to add on you can’t reroll a stat lvl up on a level 15 move which is another deal breaker. so if you lvl up a move all the way to lvl 15 but the stat distribution isn’t what you wanted, you’re kinda skrewed :(.
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    OFFICIAL - 5.2 Update Notes - Black Dahlia's Debut!

    Ok so after playing with the retake system, there is still a major flaw to the system: you cannot control which stat will be leveled up. Which means even if you get a banger 3/3 move, you cannot control the level distribution and leveling up a stat is still random. This is a big deal since this...
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    OFFICIAL - 5.2 Update Notes - Black Dahlia's Debut!

    This update is looking sick!! So excited to use retakes and finally be able safely invest in moves! The slime rework looks nice as well, though if that’ll significantly improve the debuff. Overall this update looks really promising!
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    Collection collection for bb and special move

    I think this will be planned in a future update, since in the 2022 road map they mention Offensive/Defensive Movesets - Letting you equip a moveset on a Rift or PF defender that isn’t impacted if you swap out your offensive moveset So I'm sure they will be changing this aspect.
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    Other Moves add to fighter score

    I mean you can check fighter's moves/marquee/SAs right before the match starts so I don't see a reason why moves should add to fighter score. TBH I don't see how the level of the fighter's moves affects your chances of winning. If you are losing low level fights still you should probably use...
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    How to use these specific BBs and SMs?

    Oh I forgot to talk about boxcar george. You can usually get it after a launcher, but tbh it's better used as a projectile that you just throw out if you think the opponent is going to attack/dash. Just spam it if you have a lot of special move cooldown.
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    Characters More special moves?

    So a trend I can see in the game's older characters is that a lot of special moves/normals got converted into blockbusters. I don't think this a bad thing per se, since it can help with block buster finishes, but it does mean there are more moves as blockbusters, making quite of few variants...
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    How to use these specific BBs and SMs?

    1. For Nekhbet breaker you usually can combo into it from a move that ground bounces. You can usually combo into it after chaos banish. 2. Tympani drive is a weird one for big band. For lighter characters you can do launcher into tympani drive, but to be more more consistent with other...
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    Characters Big Band Moveset Rework

    Ok so I've had this in mind for a couple of months now but was too lazy to get back into the forums and post suggestions about it. But to put it bluntly, I wish Big Band had more offensive merit. I know he's designed to be a tank firstmost, but it's sad to see that Big Band was a better...
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    I agree. They should make it so you could evolve keys to higher tiers. Also, to get rank diamond 4 in rift is really hard. As someone who is almost lvl 70, I have never gotten close to reaching diamond 4. This is because a lot of the high ranked rift players have tough defenses that require top...
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    New Combos with air launchers?

    Now that air launcher blockbusters have been adjusted to actually work outside of grounded opponents, I'm wondering if anybody has found new combos with them. Post any new combos/follow-ups you've found below, very interested in what new setups we have now.