• [2018/06/22]
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    Thoughts on how to improve the Diamond Big Band fighters

    When you think about it, Big Band was the original combomancer before Annie rolled around, so what if we buffed the diamond Big band fighters to be more combo-oriented? These hypothetical buffs may be a little overpowered. Heavy metal: I think Heavy metal should have a more offensive role...
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    Characters Turn off/on skills after learning, such as +crit rate

    The main issue I have is that I really like having the marquee flair, and the fighter icon just feels incomplete without it. ... that's why I marqueed my Bloodbath. I couldn't help it!
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    Parallel Realms

    Actually, how about when starting a new run, you receive a set amount of "currency" that can be used to recruit fighters or be saved to upgrade/recruit rarer fighters. For example, you receive 6 "currency", and diamonds cost 6 currency, gold with 4 currency, silver with 2 currency, and bronzes...
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    Parallel Realms

    I hope the harder difficulties give diamond-related items. Maybe a small amount of Diamond relic shards and one Diamond key? Of course, the hardest difficulties should give more of that stuff. As for the gameplay itself, I think it'll be interesting if it was a roguelike mode, similar to...
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    Other Feedback on Daily Event Tickets

    A while ago, I've noticed people saying that having limited Daily event tickets would create a limit to how much you could earn from dailies. After a few months, I do admit that having limited attempts for dailies can be a bit of a problem when I am farming the daily event, especially when...