• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Wilhiem

    Relic Exclusivity

    Does anyone know whether or not the fighters exclusive to the Back to School relic (Heart of Darkness for example) will eventually become available in the Premiere relic, or will they remain exclusive to the Back to School relic similar to the fighters exclusive to the elemental relics (Such as...
  2. Wilhiem

    Energy Regeneration Time

    Just in case you guys were wondering... Per energy - 10 minutes Max out energy - 100 minutes = 1 hr and 40 minutes Credit goes to Keebs for informing me of this.
  3. Wilhiem

    Any Tips for Eliza?

    I've had Diva Intervention Eliza for a while now, but i basically only use one or two combos with Sekhmet. What are your guy's favorite combos in Sekhmet mode? Also, does buying the unblockable charge attack in the skill tree affect Sekhmet's charge attack too?