• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Zenon

    OFFICIAL: 2.4 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    Holy ****!! that's a lot of new content now in waiting for this update this is gonna make me play again but need more main story
  2. Zenon

    acursed experiments OP

    Jaja! I don't even have my players fully upgraded and I won XDDD the level of the players is not as important as the ability of us remember that but thanks for the video I'll see it
  3. Zenon

    acursed experiments OP

    :,( i couldn't record the last battle but here's some tips for last vl. Also I won!!! XDDD First you need to know that you have certain percentage when you hit to lost 25% of life so if you have bad luck you die after hiting them 4 times You have to change hero if you lost life the first time...
  4. Zenon

    acursed experiments OP

    I managed to do it and I think I'm gonna start a YouTube channel testing the updates of a lot of games IMPORTANT is not gonna be monetized I don't want to mess with copyrights XDD
  5. Zenon

    acursed experiments OP

    I would appreciate that for example double in the first lv. At the right is just attacking and attacking and if I try to attack but is just to savage and my characters can't even stand not to mention killing gold hair fillia means you die too cuz her ability
  6. Zenon

    acursed experiments OP

    i know that it has to be hard cuz if not what would be the point but the problem is the amount of damage that they do to us it is insane and i feel hopeless against them that mode at the begining makes feel like it doesnt matter how strong your character is they will wreck you in seconds so that...
  7. Zenon

    acursed experiments OP

    has someone reached the end of ecursed experiments?? if you have please let me see it cuz i dont think anyone is able to complete that BSH i just started with my best gold characters fully upgrated even i made some strategies to win but im not able to pass over the second lv at the left and the...
  8. Zenon

    OFFICIAL: 2.3 Update Notes (LIVE!)

  9. Zenon

    OFFICIAL: 2.2 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    OMG no new character we want squigly please I have been waiting for a long time and being disappointed like this, at least new stuff
  10. Zenon

    OFFICIAL: Display Name Reservation (CLOSED)

    Maybe there's a special post for this topic but as you know I'm not very good looking for posts XDDDDD. I just want to say that the game is incredible I love the game but the problem is that after you beat the origins there's nothing left to do and doing the prize events is boring cuz you have...
  11. Zenon

    OFFICIAL: Display Name Reservation (CLOSED)

    Yeaaaaaaaaaa!!!! My name is there perfect!!!!
  12. Zenon

    URGENT: Emergency Maintenance Update

    Amigo mira lo qué pasa es que accidentalmente borraron información crucial para nosotros pero debido a un problema no pueden hacer un restore de los archivos por lo que tienen que hacerlo manualmente y eso toma dias(créeme hacerlo manual es un dolor de huevos) así que lo único que debemos hacer...
  13. Zenon


    All right no problem we will wait thanks for your hard work
  14. Zenon

    OFFICIAL: 1.6.0 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    omg almost 2 weeks waiting for the update and no date for it im getting bored of waiting cuz i havent played for about 20 days and when i think in playing i remember that theres nothing i can do cuz i already finished the origins stories the main story and im starting to forget about this game
  15. Zenon

    Something dark is coming...

    Me neither
  16. Zenon

    What do you do when you've completed Story Mode?

    That's my goal to man.
  17. Zenon

    Something dark is coming...

    It could be ms fortune because of the head and the rest you know what i mean
  18. Zenon

    Looking for maxed out Untouchable Peacock screenshots

    wow that helped a lot thanks bro you are the best you deserve a like
  19. Zenon

    Looking for maxed out Untouchable Peacock screenshots

    i just want to know how is peacock untouchable in max level full skill tree please someone who has it or have a screenshot?
  20. Zenon

    Resolved 24 day without chest!

    Ah crap no fucking way at the last day