• [2018/06/22]
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    Apparently it will only be fixed in 6.3

    you forgot to mention the crash bug in version 6.2 and you didn't mention that version 6.2 is the worst ever created.
  3. Kk amigo eles não ligaram para o Brasil

    Kk amigo eles não ligaram para o Brasil
  4. Facebook nao funciona

    Só podemos fazer o L e aguentar calados 😪
  5. Facebook nao funciona

    Esquece kk Skullgirls não dá a mínima para o Brasil
  6. Characters NERFEM A ESCOTEIRA

    Mano o jogo colocou ela em todos os modos. Sou novo não tenho personagens para bater de frente contra ela...
  7. Characters NERFEM A ESCOTEIRA

    Eles c Eles criaram ela só para dificultar a nossa vida. Passei raiva no reinos também...
  8. Bug - Crash The game crash all the time after the new version.

    The most annoying thing is the game freezing in one match. I'm losing all the time and we will be harmed
  9. Bug - Crash This is already unbearable

    I can't complete 10 sequences the game keeps freezing all the time
  10. I'm going to go bankrupt before finishing the PF

    How am I going to earn 150 million points this way? I can't do 5 sequences in a row without the game freezing.