• [2018/06/22]
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    Worst timing ever
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    The 10k teonite relic pack

    How often does this offer come out? I know that there is 1 in december and when you reach certain levels.
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    Bug - Normal Got the evidencie of this bug

    Here is the context: https://forum.skullgirlsmobile.com/threads/bug.21370/#post-6343
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    Bug - Normal Bug?

    Here i almost replicated the conditions but fukua got the Invincible effect so thats what My fukua didn't die this time
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    Bug - Normal Bug?

    I think is a bug because this only happens when inmoral fiber is the last fighter remaining, if i kill her first/second, My shadow puppet is still alive (at 1%) because her Second signature ability. But when Inmoral fiber is the third, she appears dead in the next battle after the winning...
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    Puntaje para el 1-10?

    Depende el nivel de la pelea (bronze,plata,oro y diamante)
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    Bug - Normal Bug?

    OMG it happened again, i revived her + i got this artifact "inmortality of lamia" and still got killed by "Immoral fiber" signature ability
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    Bug - Normal Bug?

    I was playing in Parallel realms and My fukua (shadow puppet) got killed by the signature ability of the "immoral fiber". The time stops and My fukua is doing the winning pose. I go to the next combat and now she is dead. Is that a bug? I thought she would survive because of her second...
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    Bug - Normal A Bad timing

    I was playing the new mode, about realms, minutes before the server maintenance. Won the fight but the game kick me out because the maintenance already started. The maintenance is over, i enter again in that game mode but something is wrong. My 3 fighters are "dead" while the opponent has the...
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    Bug - Normal Strange bug

    I already answer the questions but i forgot replied you xd. Si the answers are up
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    Bug - Normal Strange bug

    Yes but after the timer was over, the game became normal.The bug only happened that day and the game is now normal. And my device is a Xiaomi
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    Bug - Normal Strange bug

    I just send the link of the video here.
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    Bug - Normal Strange bug

    I can't upload the video because it's too large SO idk how i can prove the bug
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    Bug - Normal Strange bug

    I even start recording the bug. I lose because i couldn't use any of my fighters . So here is the video