• [2018/06/22]
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  1. デービット(David)

    Mummy Dearest Complete-Rework Suggestion

    @BallotBoxer In regards to the negative requirement, I never thought about it that way. I was trying to balance out her SA2(v3) because I imagined that it would be stackable (up to two stacks on rage). But, if the negative requirement was removed, do you believe that there would need to...
  2. デービット(David)

    Mummy Dearest Complete-Rework Suggestion

    Mummy dearest has one of my favourite colour palettes for Eliza, but yet she is the second worst natural-diamond next to Risky Ginger… This makes me incredibly sad, and even though I know that the development team had already tried to fix Mummy Dearest before, I think she is still really bad…...
  3. デービット(David)

    current meta in high level rift battles

    my opponents are diamond 1
  4. デービット(David)

    current meta in high level rift battles

    I took a break from rift for like a hot second but now i’m trying to get back to where I was But, I keep going against lower levels and thinking that it would be easy and losing. And LET ME TELL YOY WHY, their rift base has weak gold characters and for the most part I accidentally kill them...
  5. デービット(David)

    Bug - Normal eliza skemet mode

    when eliza’s in sekmet mode regular hits are knocking her out of it. is this intended?
  6. デービット(David)

    Mummy Dearest Eliza

    i’m also thinking that the we’re not seeing her sa maxed out. the health taken from teammates could go down to 5% (even tho that would be kinda op) most likely 10%, and not be as “high risk high reward”. which, btw, i would like to say that the “reward” isn’t even that much?? like you could just...
  7. デービット(David)

    Mummy Dearest Eliza

    you could always use immortal fibre as a teammate and i don’t know the numbers on SA yet so i can’t really tell you how many times to use your special moves, but say you use Mummy Dearest’s SA to get immortal fibre low and switch in to essentially forcing immortal fibre’s SA to apply damage and...
  8. デービット(David)

    Mummy Dearest Eliza

    IM CRYING THIS IS BEAUTIFUL i love this skin too much, HAVE MY MONEY
  9. デービット(David)

    SG Custom Fighters

    I know I JUST posted before but I COULDN’T HELP MYSELF SA: Falling into Madness SA 1: Every 10/7/5 seconds of the match inflict death mark for 5/7/10 seconds and permanently increase damage dealt by 1/2/3%. SA 2: When below 10/15/20% health gain 5 stacks of permanent enrage. (Remove if...
  10. デービット(David)

    SG Custom Fighters

    “Roar xD”—myspace SA: Pinkeye SA 1: Critical hits always deal at least 1/1.5/2% of opponent’s health. (Overrides armour. Does not add any additional damage.) SA 2: Once per match when taking a fatal hit, remove all debuffs, gain permanent immunity, and gain last stand for 3/5/7 seconds.
  11. デービット(David)

    Collection Dublicats

    can we please get a way to get rid of diamond duplicates. i have. 21. twenty-one. EXTRA DIAMOND CHARACTERS. and i STILL don’t have all the variants yet. like i guess my luck is bad?? or something but still. i am not mad BECAUSE I GOT A DUPLICATE. i’m upset because i can’t do anything about it...
  12. デービット(David)

    Effects activating when in throw animation

    Am i the only one that’s noticed this??? like i was expecting there to be a thread about it already but— Okay so say the enemy cerebella tries to throw you but you push her off anyways, her marquee ability activates. same goes for attempted grabs from the ai when over squigly and her marquee...
  13. デービット(David)

    small buff idea for Pyro-Technique

    I love pyro-technique, I think her SA is great the only problem I have with it is how risky it is to actually get proc-ing. True, I can use a dummy squigly with her marquee to get an INSANELY strong valentine. The only problem I have with that is that in rift battles I would have to sacrifice...
  14. デービット(David)

    How exactly does Death Mark work?

    does the 50% bonus damage on crits surpass the 200% crit damage limit?
  15. デービット(David)

    OFFICIAL: 3.1 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    LOOOL I’ll just start off by saying I know you’re just joking but i still think you brought up a good point. That ya this is a major nerf to Bio because I would often just stand there sometimes until they died when I was too lazy to kill them lol. HOWEVER, I don’t think this is a huge nerf to...
  16. デービット(David)

    SA’s I want to see on Eliza

    HEYY ITS DAVID! back at it again with trying to fix Stand Out lol but I came up with an idea BUT, it might also be A) too busted or B) not exactly what they had in mind for stand out—but whatever. SA IDEA: (countering painwheels and bad hair days/parasite weave) SA1: Eliza cannot make...
  17. デービット(David)

    The current situation with Moves

    Hard capping is done automatically so you like getting more than 50% by chance on a character is actually a waste. However say the all stats are leveled up equally, and you have like Attack on all moves, the highest you can get is (decided max number at level 15)X5. And if you really think...
  18. デービット(David)

    Idea to fix Stand out

    Or what if she had the exact opposite of Rusty?? Every hit dealt has a 10% to activate a 1/2/3 second regen. Seems kinda strong