• [2018/06/22]
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    Bug - Normal IP still not counting towards 10 Gold Characters Accolade

    Just saw that. Just saw it! Rewards were received. Thanks!
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    Collection "Your Fighter Collection is full!"

    This message appears no matter what kind of relic I am trying to open, including catalyst, move and Take A Break relics.
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    Bug - Normal IP still not counting towards 10 Gold Characters Accolade

    This is not a bug but iRdc at this point after bringing this to you people's attention multiple times. I know the last update accounted for the Shiny Accolade with IP. I have a regular one. Here are the simple facts. I started playing July of this year. IP was my first Gold ever, at level...
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    Fights Patient Zero Disable BBs + Disable Tags + Immobilize

    Until now, Patient Zero was merely very annoying. Now it is an effing nightmare. I would have included Heavy Bleed but didn't; want to sound whiny. But this is just evil. Can it be made so that only any two of Disable BBs or Specials, Disable Tag-ins, and Immobiize can be generated by Patient...
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    OFFICIAL: 4.4.1 Update Notes (Now Available!)

    But Nick Fury has both eyes...
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    Halloween - Costume Party Prize Fight

    I am not sure; I have no experience in this event, so idk but it seems like the top 10% would be even harder to reach for several reasons: - Everybody (except me) is going to say "Yay, less work for Necro!", thereby immediately making, it if not more, at least not nearly as much less than...
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    Halloween - Costume Party Prize Fight

    Damn I hate this. I can do 100m for a guaranteed Necro but top 10% is too vague. I get estimates varying from 10m to 35m to 60m so I just don't know where to stop. Okay, I lied, I have no chance of reaching 100m, and my highest in any PF is under half a million; this is my first Halloween PF...
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    OFFICIAL: Annie Release Details & Relic Availability

    So how is the possibility of more characters looking? Good?
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    OFFICIAL: 4.4.1 Update Notes (Now Available!)

    When is server maintenance over?
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    Bug - Normal Fukua is broken

    lmfao my favor part is that you don't seem to take hit damage anymore
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    OFFICIAL: 4.4.1 Update Notes (Now Available!)

    Does it count towards the Get a Gold Fighter Accolade now, too?
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    OFFICIAL: 4.3.3 Update Notes - Now Available!

    IP is my only gold Eliza variant. I have IP, Last Hope, Night Terror, Thrill Shrieker, Phantom Threads, Blue Screen, Armed Forces and two Windswept; that's seven characters, but the accolade says 6/10.
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    Other Start of Rift Season Opponent Pool and Accolade Problem

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    SG Custom Fighters

    somebody needs to do a werewulf in london palette
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    Bug - Normal Not exactly a bug but...RNG is broke

    This is more of a thing that is extremely unlikely to happen but has happened. but i fianlly got rough copy just now after 225+ bronzes.
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    Collection Automatic Bronze 'n' Silver moves seller

    I mnow but I would rather do it when i actually need canopy coins so i don't spend them at once on something I don't really need to spend them on.
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    Plot Idea: Skullgirl Minette :(

    So I came up with a great plot idea. Skullgirl Minette. I know, it would be tragic, but awesome. So Minette wishes on the Skullheart for a castle, or a pirate ship, or a pretty rock, or a scuba man, or something like that. Then she turns into the Skullgirl. Ms Fortune feels guilty that she...
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    SG Custom Fighters

    wow this thread such empty