• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Legendaryfonics

    Filia's story

    The SkullGirls mobile twitter has started dropping teasers for Filia's origin story. We've only gotten one scene from it, I thought it would be worth discussing since her backstory has been a mystery for the most part. What do you all think of it so far? For me personally, there's not too...
  2. Legendaryfonics

    New Natural Diamond Speculation

    As seen in one of the photos taken at the SGMobile booth at ComboBreaker this past weekend, there are some more variants that may be coming to the game soon. From what we can see, Filia's Shantae skin is going to be a fire variant, while Cerebella is going to get her USA skin as a water variant...
  3. Legendaryfonics

    OFFICIAL: May Skullgirls Progress Update & Check In

    Like always, the update is looking to be great, I can't wait to struggle through master story mode!