• [2018/06/22]
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    Custom Ms fortune- Deadly kick

    Nice work, and +25% is interesting already
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    How old is Annie really?

    ahahahah, in fact, the mentality here is twice as much as the actual number of years
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    OFFICIAL - 5.2.1 Update Notes - Retake and XP Treats Adjustments

    special thanks for RETAKES 😊🤓
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    Opinions about Characters before and after knowing their Stories

    1 and 2 are similar situations - I watched a lot of video reviews and was ready for their abilities, so I'm not surprised, but satisfied
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    You guys went a bit too far with Death Wish umbrella

    in terms of imbalance, this is a failure of the game
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    Who are the strongest characters in the lore?

    Very many good answers in this thread, it can be seen that they were written by experienced players =) As for my opinion on the matter, my favorite is Philia, which combines both attack and defense, which is within my style of play. For newcomers, I would still recommend to see some general...
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    Story Story Mode POVs

    actually sounds interesting, there are not enough prospects for this now