• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Fel

    OFFICIAL - 5.2 Update Notes - Black Dahlia's Debut!

    Absolutely stacked update. I really like the new relic for Black Dahlia, you guys always do a stellar job designing those :)
  2. Fel

    Forum Update - Feedback and Questions

    I don't actually know how much power I have in terms of making sections or editing banners but those look really good! Hopefully Cellsai has a better idea about how all that works :)
  3. Fel

    OFFICIAL - 5.1.3 Updates Notes

    There's a bug where a shiny version of the new umbrella variant isn't in my inventory. Please fix ASAP. Thank you.
  4. Fel

    Is this even possible? Not sure if I'm just overreacting to this, but this seems ridiculous...

    This does seem like a cheater. We have a cheater reporting thread here, please post the image and time of the screenshot and the devs will get to them eventually. Its unfortunate but it happens, and the developers are dealing with them appropriately! Sorry that you encountered one of them.
  5. Fel

    This game just flat out lies about probability

    I personally haven't experienced anything like this and I think it might be confirmation bias. If you really do think there's an issue, your best bet would be to record some videos of this happening, or to gather some community members and do testing together.
  6. Fel

    Other My suggestion for training mode

    Training mode improvements are definitely something that the players have been wanting for a while! I personally want to be able to choose the enemy fighter and force them to block (to test PvP guard crush stuff) Turning on AI would be great too
  7. Fel

    OFFICIAL: 4.4.1 Update Notes (Now Available!)

    On one hand a new character is super cool and makes me very excited about the future of SGM and SG2E on the other hand now the bot and the wiki need to be updated thanks annie
  8. Fel

    Resolved deals X% bonus damage per COMBO HIT bug

    It seems the cap for all "x% damage bonus per current combo hit" modifier has been increased to 200% after Epic Sax's SA got buffed. This apparently also stacks with each other, which causes insane amounts of increased damage with certain moves. https://gfycat.com/meagerspectacularkillerwhale
  9. Fel

    Fights Throw Mechanics

    In terms of breaking free of a grab, you'll generally be blocking beforehand anyways so it should be easy to do the grab motion from there. The hardest thing I can think of is dash-grabbing, which is just something you'd need to get used to. MCoC doesn't have a grab system, which is probably why...
  10. Fel

    OFFICIAL: Autumn & Hidden Variable Statement Regarding Lab Zero Games

    Great to hear development will continue. Thank you for making a statement.
  11. Fel


    For the collection achievements the game only counts the fighters obtained after the update.
  12. Fel

    OFFICIAL: Issues with Rift Battle Season Rewards (July 6th - 12th)

    Did you complete your 5 matches for the week? I also didn't receive rewards but I believe that was because I didn't play 5 different matches. I also didn't get the usual "you didn't do 5 matches so you don't get rewards" mail, so I think this may be the case
  13. Fel

    Fights Remove the elemental restriction from offense on element prize fight.

    We didn't have this restriction before so what was the point before the update then? Feedback is always welcome. There have been plenty of changes that have been reverted or retuned after community feedback.
  14. Fel

    OFFICIAL: 4.3.3 Update Notes - Now Available!

    I'm pretty sure the "guarantee" is that the highest tier of deployments will always have a character relic as the bonus reward. Both first and second tiers have a random pool that doesn't always guarantee a bronze relic or a premium relic as the bonus for example. I do agree that this could have...
  15. Fel

    Other BLM

    Reporting them in-game should do the trick! Please report people like this when you see them! I don't think a thread for it is necessary as there's a function to do it in-game though
  16. Fel

    ¿Están en cuarentena?

    "Well, I have spent this quarantine playing. In my country we are locked up all day and I wanted to know how you are in the current situation" -via google translate!
  17. Fel

    Bug - Normal Can’t convert nat diamonds

    This is a known bug and the devs are working on it! Thank you!
  18. Fel

    Serious question: Can the dev really do something about the cheaters?

    There have been people claiming they were banned recently so we at least know there's some amount of banning going on currently. My point was that the devs acknowledged the problem in the 2020 plan thread, and while it would be nice for them to directly respond to each report on the thread, it...
  19. Fel

    Will Private Chats Be Worth It?

    Most members of channel 0 are new players themselves. There's also usually like 3 different things going on at once in there, which makes it difficult to ask questions. I've also seen terrible answers to questions in channel 0, which are either trolls or misinformed people. Technically private...
  20. Fel

    Will Private Chats Be Worth It?

    I don't think channel 0 is very informative