• [2018/06/22]
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  1. tokki_mekka

    SG Custom Fighters

    Well, this is probably the most damned skin I've ever drawn, come what may. Yes, it Postal Dude from Postal 2, why not? (I was terribly too lazy to draw shoes and shovel, yeah)
  2. tokki_mekka

    SG Custom Fighters

    Here we go - Majima Goro skin from Yakuza 0, based on Val sprite (again) yeah I'm too lazy to change the pose, the next cards will be more interesting i guess
  3. tokki_mekka

    SG Custom Fighters

    Lucy skin from Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, based on Eliza's sprite (although almost nothing is left of her bruh)
  4. tokki_mekka

    OFFICIAL - 5.2 Update Notes - Black Dahlia's Debut!

    Wow, pretty good. Now i wanna gotch ALL char variants (especially DoomGuy)
  5. tokki_mekka

    SG Custom Fighters

    Yo. That's a Majima Goro (from Ryu Ga Gotoku/Yakuza) card, based on Valentine sprite. Kiryu is next maybe
  6. tokki_mekka

    SG Custom Fighters

    I once did Eliza with the Higgs palette (from Death Stranding). Now - Cliff skin for Valentine.
  7. tokki_mekka

    SG Custom Fighters

    With the help of graphic editors. Specifically here - Krita and Ibis PaintX. It is enough to take the finished sprite and paint it yourself by selecting the desired area and color
  8. tokki_mekka

    SG Custom Fighters

    Raiden (MGR) skin for Robo and Ms. Fortune
  9. tokki_mekka

    Bug - Normal Visual bug with Filia

    No, because after re-installing the game, Filia's model and all the consequences disappeared. This happened a few more times, but it hasn't happened in a while.
  10. tokki_mekka

    Bug - Normal Visual bug with Filia

    After opening Filia's relic, I got Bad Hair Day, the model of which first stuck in the menu, and later began to break and distort the models of other characters (For example, Double, Ms. Fortune and Eliza). This does not interfere with the gameplay in any way, but it looks strange.
  11. tokki_mekka

    SG Custom Fighters

    Well, I made Higgs Monaghan from Death Stranding skin for Eliza : D
  12. tokki_mekka

    Oh, they already came a couple of minutes ago 00

    Oh, they already came a couple of minutes ago 00
  13. tokki_mekka

    Yo. Am I the only one who doesn't have Prize Fight rewards?

    Yo. Am I the only one who doesn't have Prize Fight rewards?
  14. tokki_mekka

    Resolved PF rewards???

    Same. I have nothing too (Gold PF)
  15. tokki_mekka

    4.10.2 Update Notes (Now Live!)

    Season's Beatings Event, and for a month, finally!) Overall, the update is awesome, I look forward to downloading it.
  16. tokki_mekka

    just got a 💜Necrobreaker 💛

    just got a 💜Necrobreaker 💛
  17. tokki_mekka

    4.9.2 Update Notes (Now Live!)

    Very Nice! True, it will be quite interesting to look at the new balance in the game.
  18. tokki_mekka

    Bug - Normal Strange music when BGM is off

    Well, someone has argued that this music has something to do with the ad unit in the game. It's funny that when some players complained about this sound in the chat, I also suspected them of the curve creepypasta x) In other matters, it is not so important
  19. tokki_mekka

    Bug - Normal Strange music when BGM is off

    Hello everybody! Recently (today) I discovered a strange glitch inside the game. While in the main menu, in addition to the main theme, I was able to hear some kind of melody. Going into the settings and first turning off the background music, she still continued to play (even after leaving the...