• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Kurokazeee

    Rift Survey

    Started at gold 2, steadily climbed till Hero rank. Peak coincided with the few weeks after catalysts was released. Stayed there 2 to 3 weeks, then dropped to diamond 1 once everyone caught up with catalysts. Have been slowly sliding to diamond 3 or 4 over months. I have certainly noticed a lot...
  2. Kurokazeee

    you are welcome!

    you are welcome!
  3. Kurokazeee

    Thoughts and Solutions on Rift Battles [Devs Please Read]

    Hi Keenfox, Sorry to hear about your frustrations. I myself have had similar frustrations in rift, but as you said it is difficult to make any game perfectly balanced. Would like to expand on the declining rift participation and how this causes more problems: TL,DR: splitting matchmaking into...
  4. Kurokazeee

    How to deal with futile resistance

    I have found futile to be more of a damage per hit check as some others have already said. lets go to the extreme: Heavy Metal lvl 60 89k hp base lets put him on the boss node and have +200% hp from moves which is already nigh impossible. this gives an effective ~540 k hp. so you need to do...
  5. Kurokazeee

    Other suggestion about hack user & rift / prize fight reward and compensation

    I think increasing the battle details on the rift map would weed out hackers very easily. Already, we show the team and fight score. It would not be much more difficult to show two additional metrics: 1) max damage in one hit (insane high for hack) 2) time taken for match (few seconds for...
  6. Kurokazeee

    Celebrating my new SG

    That's really rough man... its takes so long to save for a diamond relic and just seeing the same diamond pull over and over again is really tough. I sympathise. Myself, I have THREE standouts and Freeze frames but no love crafted. Perhaps something about standouts and freeze frames being common...
  7. Kurokazeee

    Fights Too much utility given to strongest attackers in current meta

    Hi all, just wanted to give a few comments on how the strongest attackers in the current meta have a bit too much utility to the point it becomes difficult to counter / these attackers are almost always used ... This list is by no means exhaustive, but I just want to raise a few examples to...
  8. Kurokazeee

    Question on meter gain cap and haste

    Quick question on meter gain cap and haste... I know the meter gain cap is set at 100%, but if I have 100% meter gain and gain haste buff, do I get 200% meter gain or is the haste useless since the cap is still 100%? What about temporary haste buff + permanent haste buff (I have seen both...
  9. Kurokazeee

    Celebrating my new SG

    Congrats! On the topic of level 70s without XXXX classic character, I have been playing almost 1.5 years now but have yet to get a xenomorph drop for me. Are Xenomorphs supposed to be rarer than SG? I am assuming each time someone gets a double gold character from any relic, the chance for...
  10. Kurokazeee

    Characters Painwheel Flight Risk Suggestions

    Repeats some of the above suggestions, but a list of possibilities are: 1) Make it same as peacock SA but disappear into top of screen instead of being able to be attacked. (grant full evasion). Painwheel, like peacock, then "pops down" on attack. I dont think Peacock SA is too strong, correct...
  11. Kurokazeee

    Question on Rift Catalyst Slomo and reserve meter gain

    Hi all, Have a question about meter gain. I think Cellsai mentioned previously that reserve fighters gain some fraction of meter gained of the active fighter. Regarding this previous post, I have two questions here: 1) if the active fighter is affected by rift catalyst super slomo, does that...
  12. Kurokazeee

    Plot Twisted Squigly

    It works, I experienced it in rift and I got blasted with the full 5 debuffs. Squigly did not revive a 2nd time, so one cheat death is wasted.
  13. Kurokazeee

    Evergreen Evil discussion

    Funny how the grinch peacock and evergreen double almost perfectly counter each other. Grinch peacock converts buffs to debuffs while evergreen double extends buffs. To be honest, the SA1 thorns is pretty scary too, forcing enemies to only use elemental advantage against her since curse would...
  14. Kurokazeee

    Bug - Normal Cheater / Hacker Reporting

    Indeed 24,652 is practically impossible. Doing some math here: 23,610 is max score if you win instantly 0s time used, with 1 jab - modded apk for infinite dmg, lose no hp. No blockbuster finish bonus since you didnt charge any blockbuster. With hack for full meter from start, you can get a...
  15. Kurokazeee

    MEAN ONE Discussion

    I think one stack of precision or armor or enrage counts as one buff for buff removal. it works this way for Stand out. but definitely would absolutely destroy grudge MA, since each gained enrage and armor would give one enrage to Peacock.
  16. Kurokazeee

    Inner Pieces Eliza discussion

    sounds really strong if multiple buffs are possible per element. if its a fixed buff like rainbow blight then its somewhat mediocre? if former is true, then using all 3 bb1 sekhmets in quick succession will give 6 buffs that could transfer to the fighter tagging in. I see a very potent combi...
  17. Kurokazeee

    Do SAs stack?

    Just another quick question to the devs... which catalysts activate for characters in reserve and which do not? I have seen some work and some don't so I just wanted to clarify if there is a general rule. The rift catalysts that I would like to clarify if they affect characters in reserve are...
  18. Kurokazeee

    OFFICIAL: 4.1 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    The fix to Sundae School is great. It used to be that I received permableed when I tried to use her SA against short duration bleeds i.e. 3s bleed from rusty. Also, Sundae School makes the doom debuff expire faster which is bad for her and should have been makes doom take longer to expire (I...
  19. Kurokazeee

    OFFICIAL: 4.1 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    Doublicious has not become weaker. It just takes at least one more hit to transfer any debuffs away from her. In the past she could instantly reflect any debuff such as stun the moment it is applied, but the chance at 25% is relatively low-medium. Now, you'd have to hit her after debuff to...
  20. Kurokazeee

    OFFICIAL: 4.0.2 Update Notes (Available now!)

    That would be awesome if it were true. Calculate all the nullification between DEF and PIERCING, then apply the 0 to 50 value bounds... this will allow defenders to invest into more defense to at least make defense like it was pre-update. In my opinion, allowing original defense to exceed 50%...