• [2018/06/22]
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  1. BambooEarpick

    2.5 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    Thank you for your considerations. I understand that there must be prioritization of implementation of fixes and changes. As much as I 'complain' about things in the game, it's only because I like it so much. Thank you (all) for your hard work.
  2. BambooEarpick

    2.5 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    Hello everyone. Hopefully I am not just shouting into a void. This is a large update with a lot of changes and I wanted to discuss a few points. 1. Offer Tuning I think that this is definitely a step in the right direction for SGM. It provides better value for the players and will, in...
  3. BambooEarpick

    Collection Allow gold characters to give shards

    I wasn't aware that we'd be receiving character shards AND relics in the new Elemental PFs. I was originally under the impression that they'd only pay out in elemental shards. I withdraw my original statement as character acquisition is going to be faster than I expected. I was working with...
  4. BambooEarpick

    Collection Allow gold characters to give shards

    Alright, then you mothers and you brothers better get really high scores so I end up in 30% 'cause I still need EXP.
  5. BambooEarpick

    Collection Allow gold characters to give shards

    In regards to players with a collection of golden PF reward characters, for gold PF there is no incentive to get top 10% or better if you're trying to farm gold characters. Getting a silver character will get you 4% to a random gold instead of a duplicate which more seasoned players will...
  6. BambooEarpick

    Moisterrific's Valentine Tier List and Recommended Builds

    Yup, lucky pull from relics. GL!
  7. BambooEarpick

    Characters Character Specific Move Relics

    Outside of daily events, it's very hard to get specific character moves. Furthermore, move drop rates in Daily Events after you finish them are very low. Maybe on days that a character relic is offered we could also include Move Relics that are specific to that character. They might cost more...
  8. BambooEarpick

    Name References

    Weekend Warrior is a palette reference to the Ultimate Warrior from classic Pro Wrestling. Cold Stones is based around stuns. It's a Steve Austin reference.
  9. BambooEarpick

    OFFICIAL: 1.3.0 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    Still two more days! I believe!
  10. BambooEarpick

    OFFICIAL: 1.3.0 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    I believe in July.
  11. BambooEarpick

    Bug - Normal Big Band keeps moving even when hit

    Right now there is a problem with 1.2.x where stunned AI can continue to hit you even through stun. This is a result of them queueing up a bunch of attacks before getting stunned and it playing out despite their status. Look forward to this being fixed in the future!
  12. BambooEarpick

    Why does Valentine's silver move have three stats?

    Yes, that is an error with Silver Chocoglycemia. I do not recommend leveling it up.
  13. BambooEarpick

    Characters Vial Hazard ideas

    Valentine's vials being the only move in the game requiring prep time DOES feel bad, I'll fully admit that. However, there are a few safe times to prep it (post-air combo and choosing not to follow up with a sweep, after defeating a fighter) without giving up TOO much. Once your team's fight...
  14. BambooEarpick

    Characters Vial Hazard ideas

    I've deliberately kept the vial ideas from being too strong because it's important to make incremental changes and see where that leads you. Bleed for 5 seconds is 5% HP damage (last vial being 20% HP damage) and while that isn't a lot it's not nothing, either. I honestly think that the BB...
  15. BambooEarpick

    Characters Vial Hazard ideas

    Vial Hazard is pretty weak in the scheme of Special Moves. It does 0 damage and the effects are not amazing. Compared to something like Cymbal Clash which has a base rate of 87.5% stun and good damage, Vial C seems pretty weak – especially when the consideration of prep time is a thing. Now, I...
  16. BambooEarpick

    SMs and BBs: Costs and Effects

    First, sorry for formatting. I don't know how to do that. Second, some of these numbers might be wrong, just leave a comment if you know for sure I've made a mistake! Canopy Coin costs for special moves: Level: Bronze: Silver: Gold: 1: 0...
  17. BambooEarpick

    Is anyone experiencing unresponsive controls or is it just me?

    It's working fine for me now, with 1.2.4.
  18. BambooEarpick

    How many Coins you can earn in a week

    Someone pin this man's work. I hope you got a PhD for this great stuff!
  19. BambooEarpick

    Other Move upgrades

    Haha, thanks, but I also mean like, what % changes happen. So, for example, Cymbal Clash gets upgraded stun% and stun time based on what level it is but there's no way to know that without actually leveling it up. And, even if it's written here on the forum, I think that the information should...