• [2018/06/22]
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  1. ZeoW

    Characters Dark Might deserves to be good too

    Unblockable lupine pummel makes no sense. But spamming unblockable chairs till the opponent dies is fun as hell. I've seen Rift Defenses with DMight, UHost, and DWish. UHost and DWish carry the defense team a lot, but DMight turns out to be a really great choice as a third defender. He forces...
  2. ZeoW

    Quietus DEBUFF

    Good shout. The other stat useful in defense would be RESISTANCE.
  3. ZeoW

    OFFICIAL: Marie Release Details & Relic Availability

    I don't believe a button for the uncensored version is ever planned or confirmed. Perhaps putting that suggestion in the 2E Skullheart forums would be more appropriate since most SGM players won't even know/care about the difference.
  4. ZeoW

    Quietus DEBUFF

  5. ZeoW

    Characters Building critless sucks the joy out of maxing a skill tree.

    Actually, there's an innate 5% crit chance on every fighter as a base stat. Filling up your Skill Tree will increase that to 20%. So there's really no way to avoid crit chance at all. Thankfully, SGM's method of countering crit-based strategies exists in the form of command grabs that would...
  6. ZeoW

    Updating Double's character abillity

    Cool idea! One downside is how to explain this in-game through the Character Ability (it's already pretty long)? I suppose we can get rid of the bonus elemental damage/disadvantage that's currently there (and mostly forgotten). And since these two ideas are clearly a buff, something needs to...
  7. ZeoW

    Fights Why would you do this

    Use Beowulf and spam Wulfshoots.
  8. ZeoW

    Other wait. how much of this is true?

    But Future Club is literally comprised of the same old developers that launched the game 10 years ago..?
  9. ZeoW

    Iirc Dragon Brawler references Yamcha specifically, who is not a super saiyan xD Good shout...

    Iirc Dragon Brawler references Yamcha specifically, who is not a super saiyan xD Good shout tho! Super excited to see more of these kinds of things. Maybe older variants who have similar transformation references can have it too.
  10. ZeoW

    Other wait. how much of this is true?

    Bro you've been creating different threads for exactly the same reason. Keep posting into the same thread, no need to create new ones.
  11. ZeoW

    Parallel Realms

    Yeah suiciding your fighters is a valid strategy. Focus on just killing ONE enemy and then let your whole team die. Rinse and repeat with the other two. Use Bronze variants in the back as fodder so you only lose 1 valuable fighter each time.
  12. ZeoW

    Parallel Realms

    Now that the mode is out, I want to write down a wishlist I have with this mode because I think there's so much potential to make it more exciting! At the moment I'm writing this, I have not tried the two extra difficulties. I'm hoping Parallel Realms will continue to be developed and not...
  13. ZeoW

    OFFICIAL - 5.4.1 Update Notes - Parallel Realms and the Backstage Pass

    Actually, Blue Streak has the same FS as Class Cutter. So.. 13k attack at maximum :)
  14. ZeoW

    Characters Unholy Host Nerf

    Check date. This was before the nerf was announced.
  15. ZeoW

    Unholy Host Balance Adjustments

    Nerf will happen in the next update. It's coming very soon. Some previews on the update patch is being shown in social media.
  16. ZeoW

    Unholy Host Balance Adjustments

    Taste is subjective. Great vs bad fighters are not. Very different situations here. I think you need to rest. Best of luck bro.
  17. ZeoW

    Unholy Host Balance Adjustments

    Dunno why you're using Freedom Fighter here. Bring Eliza with Chaos Banish instead. It will solve the BUFF issue.
  18. ZeoW

    Characters Unholy Host Nerf

    I think the message is clear haha I'll be surprised if they don't nerf her, given how many people are upset
  19. ZeoW

    Rework Star-Spangled

    Problem with Star-Spangled is that she's oriented for offense ability-wise but doesn't have the necessary offensive tools to back that up. She's a product of her time. 1. Stats: 88k HP is HUGE for defense. 11k ATK is passable for offense 2. Ability: All Cerebellas can inflict ARMOR BREAK...
  20. ZeoW


    What if it's a pet system lol