• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Bernard Larry Reala

    Draw My Top Fighters ART CONTEST

    Me, with no artistic talent: 👁👄👁 NSFW Twitter account users: 👁👄👁
  2. Bernard Larry Reala

    Resolved Can't login?

    Whelp I guess this isn't a phone thing if everyone else is experiencing it. 😅
  3. Bernard Larry Reala

    Resolved Can't login?

    I tried logging in, and it won't let me. It says: I uninstalled and reinstalled the game, tried logging in via my email. It still won't let me and keeps showing me that same error. I have no idea why it won't let me log in. The other apps on my phone works just fine so it's not my Internet...
  4. Bernard Larry Reala

    SG Custom Fighters

    Even better. Because it's a reference to exactly that. 😂
  5. Bernard Larry Reala


    I think because of how often the AI loves to block after dashing, Risky Jessica's SA doesn't get to activate once the animation for blocking starts at 0.1 seconds 😂 which will look like Red-Handed simply not activating. I basically just seconded what Eray said I guess. 😅
  6. Bernard Larry Reala

    SG Custom Fighters

    I was gonna edit my post in the last page to fit this one in since this is also a Castlevania reference but I feel like edit spamming is annoying and Molly isn't even playable so Switchboard Witch is a reference to Lucy Westenra from Grimoire of Souls. SA Idea: Grimoire Support -Gain 5/6/7...
  7. Bernard Larry Reala

    SG Custom Fighters

    I like this one the most. 😅😍
  8. Bernard Larry Reala

    Resolved Forum issue

    Yeah it works now for me too lol. Also, I don't remember the source for that image anymore
  9. Bernard Larry Reala

    SG Custom Fighters

    I take back what I said. Have another Castlevania reference and yes I'm giving the devs ideas for Halloween. Maybe a Spooky Relic where all the fighters are new. 😏 Mirror Doppel is a reference to the Kyoma Demon (lit. Mirror Demon) exclusively found in Aria of Sorrow. Her looking like Fukua's...
  10. Bernard Larry Reala

    Resolved Forum issue

    Lmao I edited a post of mine to re-insert the images via them codes. It works for a while until they get corrupted again.
  11. Bernard Larry Reala

    Resolved Forum issue

    Actually have that issue too. I ended up putting images manually with the IMG thingie by sending the images in my own Messenger and using the URL
  12. Bernard Larry Reala

    SG Custom Fighters

    Just casually dropping off some Castlevania references. Knight Magician is basically a Charlotte Aulin reference, a magical girl from Portrait of Ruin, with Sagan as Sypha Belnaldes, the original Castlevania magical girl. SA Idea: Ancient Magic -When activating full Star Power, gain permanent...
  13. Bernard Larry Reala

    4.8 Update Notes (Live now!)

    Lmao imagine suddenly seeing something like Megasonic or Pyro-technique as Prize Fight rewards one day in the gold/diamond tier. Definitely a 👁️👄👁️ moment if an update like that will exist in the future. Regarding the rewards tho, I personally think it would be more in-line with the theme of...
  14. Bernard Larry Reala

    Characters Palette error?

    Kinda a nitpick I guess but in one of the frames for Time Thief the colors on her legs are black and white instead of orange. It's not a bug so I put it here. I "suggest" for this to be corrected lol.
  15. Bernard Larry Reala

    Umbrella Palette Ideas

    I feel like a Parasol Waddle Dee would be a fitting palette for her.
  16. Bernard Larry Reala

    Bug - Normal Vial bug on Last Hope

    I took this video before the 4.9 update but even after that update the bug is still there. Basically I prep the right vial but it ends up making the left vial ready for use instead, and it happens in vice versa.
  17. Bernard Larry Reala

    "DEAD HEAT" - Speculation and Discussion

    So, the 2021 Revolutionary Relics, AKA Dead Heat relics, inspired me to drop by here. Nobody really wants to use her offensively because she's too risky to use overall, especially with her current attack stat. Please PLEASE tweak her, maybe adjust her SA1 to activate at 40% HP *or* maybe change...
  18. Bernard Larry Reala

    4.8 Update Notes (Live now!)

    Honestly, I expected the prizes below 30% to at least have gold shards or a silver fighter. Or both 😅 Which kinda also proves your point. Right now I (or we) have no idea what the average minimum score will be to get into the top 30% and frankly it makes me anxious coz 20m is probably not enough...
  19. Bernard Larry Reala

    "LAST HOPE" - Strategy and Discussion

    Actually I like the "lazy" suggestion better than the enrage-bleed stuff you said. It boosts her usability as a defensive support fighter, which she still is. I had a lazier idea tho: replace the heavy regen with 3/4/5 stacks of regen still at 10 seconds for teammates and have her ressurect...