• [2018/06/22]
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  1. SoapyFam

    OFFICIAL: 2.4 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    In my opinion, I think the diamond tier fighter border should have a shiny or atleast sparkling effect on the border.
  2. SoapyFam

    Star-Crossed Parasoul Signature Ability Revealed

    Star-crossed Parasoul Element:Air Signature ability:Riptose Apocalypse Ability 1:"A well timed BLOCK against standard attacks has a 50% chance to STUN the enemy for 3 second(s)" Ability 2:"Blockbusters inflict 100% bonus damage against STUNNED opponents" You can find it on moist's latest video
  3. SoapyFam

    "STAR-CROSSED" - Speculation and Discussion

    She isn't bad, she can stun enemies with 50% of her crits just give her atleadst 50% crit rate and you are good to go. Keep in mind that she is the best filia if you play her, not the AI.
  4. SoapyFam

    SG Custom Fighters

    Grand concerto should be light/dark tbh.
  5. SoapyFam

    "STAR-CROSSED" - Speculation and Discussion

    "Starstruck" First part of SA "Landing critical hit gain enrage (5 secs and increases by each upgrade) and give meter to teammates and parasoul" Second part of SA "50% of critical hits stuns opponent by 5 secs and disable blockbusters" Seems almost a bit of a Parasite Weave rip off, but I had...
  6. SoapyFam

    OFFICIAL: Display Name Reservation (CLOSED)

    Your name will be changed after the 2.2 update.
  7. SoapyFam

    OFFICIAL: Display Name Reservation (CLOSED)

    Can I still change my name reservation? I want to change it to something else
  8. SoapyFam

    Annnnd the next gold im maxing out is Harlequin which only needs her slot nodes I won't bother...

    Annnnd the next gold im maxing out is Harlequin which only needs her slot nodes I won't bother maxing out her energy nodes waste of money.
  9. SoapyFam

    I have a max diva intervention and last hope

    I have a max diva intervention and last hope
  10. SoapyFam

    SG Custom Fighters

    Hello, I am a mobile user can you please tell me where I can get the palletes Id likd to make a Jojo Eliza and Peacock! Thank you in advance and can you please reccomend me a photo shop for mobile that works best for this! Thank you!
  11. SoapyFam

    Moisteriffic's Complete Tier List (2.0)

    Good god this is such a joke lmao, In denile is better then Red Velvet. It is soooo true lmfao I can't stop laughing bc of how close it is to being the worst gold for Eliza.
  12. SoapyFam

    Other Assists

    I think it would be cool if assists we're added to the game. Like there will be a button next to the fighter and when you tap on it will launch an attack done by the assist to accomplish more combos and it can also be a good use for a "Snap" feature like in the pc version. So imagine this, two...
  13. SoapyFam

    OFFICIAL: 2.0.4 Maintenance Complete + User Data Details

    Im glad for your generous rewards for new and people who lost their data. It feels like you are welcomed with a pleasant gift.
  14. SoapyFam

    URGENT: Emergency Maintenance Update

    Hello I have a question do we choose what gold fighter we want or is it random? (If it was random id hope to get Diva Eliza.)
  15. SoapyFam

    What do you think Squigly will be like?

    They should make her secret Block buster a thing but with a twist name "Salty Punch!"
  16. SoapyFam

    OFFICIAL: 2.0.1 Update Notes (LIVE)

    Mhm if you could not restore your data use your verified email and contact them so you can recover your account. (I verified mine)
  17. SoapyFam

    OFFICIAL: 2.0.1 Update Notes (LIVE)

    Thank You For Providing me screenshots! I thought you we're faking it. And is there any chance you have verified your skullgirls account? If so, you can recover your acount if it does not come back. Thanks in advance and have a good day.
  18. SoapyFam

    OFFICIAL: 2.0.1 Update Notes (LIVE)

    Im sorry but what? 2.0.1 will be released in 1/18/18. The game is still 4 days away. So please screenshot me a picture of your game and reveal the version. Thank you!
  19. SoapyFam

    The next character CONFIRMED! (Not clickbait)

    You may never know they might release them this year. Aslong it still connects with the story line then we are good to go!