• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Lunix Vandal


    If you sacrifice a Shiny fighter to another copy of the same variant, the "Shiny" attribute will transfer over. The fighter that received the sacrifice will have its level recalculated according to the halved XP-per-level requirements that all Shiny fighters have. Future skill tree and Marquee...
  2. Lunix Vandal

    OFFICIAL - 6.2.2 Update Notes - Prize Fight Pity System

    100% agreed. I dislike PR in part because it resets so often. (The other part is that the rewards are just straight up Not Worth The Effort for me -- slogging through hundreds of nodes a month with modifiers that are actively hostile toward any kind of "fun" is a high price for maybe getting...
  3. Lunix Vandal

    6.2 Monthly Fighter Palette Discussion

    I'd love another Indivisible reference, but Eliza already cosplays as Ajna with her Inner Pieces palette. The combination of brown gloves and cream-and-gold dress pushes me toward agreeing this one is Ningguang:
  4. Lunix Vandal

    Bug - Normal Hex didn't work

    This is a known limitation of Hex -- against fighters with timer-based SAs like Dream Demon, Hex only stops new timers from starting, and will not prevent the effects of timers that started before Hex was applied.
  5. Lunix Vandal

    Resolved Heartless doesn't inflict all debuffs

    If an ability does not have a stated probability, it is an unwritten 100% chance. An opponent that has 33% Resistance will block one-third of Heartless' debuffs on average.
  6. Lunix Vandal

    Resolved Holodeck Mayhem???

    "2.5x XP" on the banner is to indicate that fights there give 2.5x compared to what you'd earn if you fought the exact same teams in a Prize Fight, not 2.5x compared to what you'd get from the same team in Holodeck this time last month when the badge wasn't there. Also, Holodeck Mayhem is not...
  7. Lunix Vandal

    Bug - Normal The amount of xp in Holodeck Mayhem

    By default, HH already has a 2.5x experience multiplier. It is completely expected that fights that were previously giving 175k-300k XP per fighter (with an XP booster active) are giving 350-600k in HM (also with an XP booster active). Don't believe me? Calculate the XP you should be earning...
  8. Lunix Vandal

    Resolved Power Surge(?)

    What other fighters are on the opponent's team when you see this happen? Wunderkind Umbrella's Signature Ability inflicts damage when your fighter reaches 3 stacks of Power Surge (even if Umbrella is off-field), making her a common pairing with Robo-Fortune's DDOS Marquee Ability. (Extra spicy...
  9. Lunix Vandal

    OFFICIAL - 6.1 Update Notes - Marie's Full Release

    I'd prefer a middle option, to have the warning only check the fighter in the first slot. It'd be the best of both worlds for me -- I couldn't care less what the fodder fighters in the second and third slot have equipped, but I might be in trouble if I forget to check whether I shifted my one...
  10. Lunix Vandal

    OFFICIAL - 6.0 Update Notes - Marie's Debut!

    The problem is that the change is overly detrimental to fighters that could do enough damage to win, but have Bleed baked into their Signature Abilities. Under Concrete Resolve, fighters like Trés Chic, Love Crafted, and Freaky Friday could enjoy their Bleeds for the first half of each defender...
  11. Lunix Vandal

    Marie Heartless: Invest in Accuracy?

    Yes, Heartless' second ability is more accurately written "While Marie is alive, 100% chance (per debuff) to inflict Quietus, Hex, and Heavy Bleed for 20 seconds when the last surviving opponent tags in." Resistance directly lowers that chance, so a Private Dick with an additional 50% Resistance...
  12. Lunix Vandal

    OFFICIAL - 6.0 Update Notes - Marie's Debut!

    Agreed. Having been around for every character release since Fukua, it definitely feels like the appearance rate for "special" Premiere Relics (heck, Relics in general) has gone down over time -- I haven't seen a single Wishful relic in the Cabinet all week. The shard system added with Dahlia is...
  13. Lunix Vandal

    Link to moves notations

    I don't know of an official list, but here's come common terms and abbreviations: L5 - "Light 5," the basic 5-tap combo that all characters have after getting the "Advanced Combo" node in the skill tree Launch - up-swipe to knock the opponent into the air; difficult/unsafe to land on its own...
  14. Lunix Vandal

    Raining Champ Umbrella receiving 0 damage

    Each stack of Armor gives +20% Defense, adding to any Defense the fighter naturally has from their Moves and Skill Tree. Unlike the Defense gained from Moves, however, Armor is not capped at 50% damage reduction -- with at least 40% Defense from Moves and Skills, 3 stacks of Armor will push any...
  15. Lunix Vandal

    Fights We need to be able to preview rift opponents

    * Level 65 account * Rated Diamond 3, i.e. placed in the Top 400 worldwide in last week's season * Boss node is 3 top-tier defenders, all Diamond-ranked with their Marquee and Prestige abilities unlocked * "didn't seem out of the ordinary" 🎵One of these things is not like the others ...🎵 You...
  16. Lunix Vandal

    There was an error immediately after today's daily reset where the game was giving out the 2022...

    There was an error immediately after today's daily reset where the game was giving out the 2022 version of the Revolutionary relic, instead of the updated version with Blue Streak and Red Rider. HVS had to reset the PF to fix it.
  17. Lunix Vandal

    OFFICIAL - 5.4.1 Update Notes - Parallel Realms and the Backstage Pass

    Easily so, yes, assuming that levels consistently need 1000 points the whole way up*. The Dailies are a trivially-easy 600 points per day, and the Weeklies are a generally-easy 5450 points per week. There's another 24500 points available in the Monthly tasks. Even in the worst-case scenario of a...
  18. Lunix Vandal

    Rift games

    Hidden Variable posts recent score thresholds weekly in the "OFFICIAL - Prize Fight / Rift Battle Score Reports" thread. The community maintains a spreadsheet here that graphs score thresholds over time -- recently, a score of 1040 will get you into Silver 1, 1260 will usually earn Gold 1, and...
  19. Lunix Vandal

    Bug - Normal Annie pf bug

    This is not a bug at all, but rather a function of how Model Leader's stats from equipped moves, Signature Ability, and Marquee Ability interact -- in short, the perfect storm of reasons why she is one of the best defensive variants in the whole game. - As a defensive variant, late-game players...
  20. Lunix Vandal

    Question about the bronze variants

    Of those listed, Bad Hair Day and Rusty are the best options for offense. Because of their easy access to Bleed, they can wear down many high-HP teams. Be careful who you fight, though, especially in Prize Fights and Rift Battles -- Blood Bath Eliza as well as many Valentines and some Black...