• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Diony

    Other Pro censorship is pro violence. POLL

    I Mean... Do you Know Canadá?
  2. Diony

    Other Pro censorship is pro violence. POLL

    I Mean. The Censorship is bad but there is nothing we can do
  3. Diony

    Apology Server Mail as usual. ahem.

    They are cute
  4. Diony

    Best Moveset for Umbrela-PsyKid? Also are The status Good?

    I want The Best Moveset to make my opponent bounce off The wall
  5. Diony

    Where do I find RECENT PIRZE FIGHT SCORES?????? I

    Here: https://forum.skullgirlsmobile.com/threads/official-prize-fight-rift-battle-score-reports.845/page-27#post-63134 or Instagram
  6. Diony

    Characters About Dark Horse

    No Nerfs, please
  7. Diony

    Fights Team Building/Setups

    The synergy is Wonderful. But what about Annie STARLIGHT ROSE in this team?
  8. Diony

    Dead Server Event Days - Annoying Funny Server Prank stories

    We are getting an New Monthly Prize Fight Tomorrow
  9. Diony

    Fights Make Skullgirls Mobile better

    This and QoL's
  10. Diony

    Yeah, I'm done with this game.

    Well, you can try to contact them and find out why you get banned
  11. Diony

    Bug - Crash Bug de fragmentos de ressurreição

    Tenta falar em Inglês
  12. Diony

    Other Report

  13. Diony

    Wait... Are you Brazillian?

    Wait... Are you Brazillian?
  14. Diony

    Bug - Crash Não recebi a premiação de louvores

    Fukua Fantoche Sombrio e Fukua Demônio dos Sonhos. Ambas são Fukuas, por isso consta 9 lá
  15. Diony

    Other Pronouns mistranslation in Filia's origin history

    Maybe She is a Boy not a Girl 😂