• [2018/06/22]
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  1. GPAngel

    OFFICIAL: 4.2 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    I am in love with all these changes especially the small ones like showing counterhits and improving the AI, and i hope i dont get addicted to shinies like i do in pokemon, thanks for everything HVS!
  2. GPAngel

    OFFICIAL: Fukua Release Details & Relic Availability

    Thank YOU for being so considerate for both versions of the game and allowing the SG community and games grow for years, it's been a fun ride and im still excited for the future! (PS: im still upset i spent 50 dollars for Persona and did not get her :( )
  3. GPAngel

    OFFICIAL: Skullgirls Mobile Frame Data

    I legit thought they were more forgiving than 2e specifically because of Counter Venom haha
  4. GPAngel

    Lover of all games. Amateur Artist, Programmer, and Game Dev. Professional Coffee Drinker and...

    Lover of all games. Amateur Artist, Programmer, and Game Dev. Professional Coffee Drinker and mostly friendly.Fighting Game & Futaba Fanatic
  5. GPAngel

    OFFICIAL: Robo Fortune Release and Possible New Characters

    I'm so excited! Annie for Skullgirls finally!!
  6. GPAngel

    What's my goal? Prize fight averages

    I have yet to get to 1-10% but what you need on average is atleast over 5 Mil in points, sounds tough but you can make it in about 1-2 days just make sure to do carries for streak building,and to get points, (and levels lower leveled fighters) and keep your 16 streak as it will get you to 5 mil...
  7. GPAngel

    Story mode update when?

    Just do bronze prize fights, a little boring but bronze keys are bronze keys, i personally need to grind a bit for silver keys.
  8. GPAngel

    How far can one get without in-app purchases?

    You really don't need to pay at all, and still have the same experience, SGM is very mobile frienly and doesn't forcibly limit your enjoyment if you're playing it free, if you pay you just get a boost. But not a drastic Change where the game suddenly gets easier or accessible, it's your choice...
  9. GPAngel

    Getting a new phone. Question before I buy.

    You really only need to have over a minimum amount Ram on your phone, i can't remember it at the top of my head.
  10. GPAngel

    URGENT: Emergency Maintenance Update

    Good luck you guys! And thank you for everything! <3
  11. GPAngel

    OFFICIAL: 2.0.1 Update Notes (LIVE)

    It may sound like a jokr, but im serious, the best thing about this update eill be the removal of that ugly green logo on startup.
  12. GPAngel

    Favorite Character

    As you can tell Peacock is my favorite because she is coot, has a wacky personality (which is damaged because of her past of being a slave orphan) and her playstyle matches her zany personality.
  13. GPAngel

    Favorite Character

    i completely agree, Scrrible Cat is the best charracter of the game.
  14. GPAngel

    What do you think are the best and worst characters?

    All Valentines, Kappa. Well i'm not wrong.
  15. GPAngel

    How to level up player level

    You get XP for your player level by just doing fights, you can usually level up in about a day or two if you have the fighters (and possibly time) to do it.
  16. GPAngel

    "RAINBOW BLIGHT" - Strategy and Discussion

    It was my last one of the 10 +1 pull, i was scared my bad luck would ruin it.
  17. GPAngel

    "RAINBOW BLIGHT" - Strategy and Discussion

    Rainbow is a lot of fun because of the amount of buffs you can get and the amount of debuffs you give, as long as you're blocking and using Gehenna to keep you'r opponent away.
  18. GPAngel

    Bug - Normal Eliza/Sekhmet Hathors Return icon

    yes it is with any kill, I don't have a good Lady of Slaughter so i don't have it on my Eliza, but i do combo with Fury and Turn. So when i kill the prompt appears when i win.
  19. GPAngel

    So, why do you play?

    Well as someone who is not a really great at fighting games, i still play them. Skullgirls looked like a marvel, the amazing Visuals, Animations and character concepts (yes that will include the boobs), the jazzy tunes (which i later found out one of them did the OSTs for the more recent...
  20. GPAngel

    What do you do when you've completed Story Mode?

    I really wouldn't finish the story, honestly prize fights are where the real fun is and I've only started learning this now. You can set some goals and even try to be the best. You could alsi expiremnt with special abilties and move sets to win. But its all up to you. The new ulfates might be...