• [2018/06/22]
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    Bug - Normal Not the game, but the forum

    Hey all, the issue should be fixed but some of you may need to log out and/or clear cache to tell browsers to accept the site again. Sorry about the inconvenience!
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    Bug - Normal unable to log in in skullgirls forums

    @fake Zenon Can you PM me your normal account info?
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    Resolved Forums Error

    The forum errors should be resolved!
  4. video game

    Resolved Forums Error

    We're really hoping to have this finally fixed this week.
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    OFFICIAL: 3.0.3 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    See ya'll in the Rift!
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    Official Forum Issues Thread

    We're aware of the forum issue and have someone looking into it. Sorry about the inconvenience! We should also have SSL (https://) up and running soon as well.
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    Skullgirls Mobile日本語フォーラムへようこそ! ここは日本語を話すコミュニティメンバーのための場所です。 日本語以外の投稿はルール違反と見なされて削除されます。 また、投稿内容にはグローバルフォーラムルールが適用されます。 それでは楽しいスカルガールズライフを! Welcome to the Japanese forums for Skullgirls Mobile! This section of the community is reserved for Japanese speaking players. Non-Japanese posts will be...
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    한국 포럼 규칙 (Forums Rules)

    스컬걸즈 모바일 한국 포럼에 오신 것을 환영합니다! 해당 섹션은 한국어 사용자를 위한 공간입니다. 한국어가 아닌 언어로 작성된 게시물은 삭제되며 규칙 위반으로 간주됩니다. 모든 게시물엔 글로벌 포럼 규칙이 적용됩니다. 그럼 즐겁게 소통해주세요! Welcome to the Korean forums for Skullgirls Mobile! This section of the community is reserved for Korean speaking players. Non-Korean posts will be removed...
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    Almost launched!

    Almost launched!
  10. video game

    Collection Bulk Move Selling

    RE: Bulk Selling - You will be happy to hear this is coming to the update! RE: Item Limit - The system will give you the items past the cap and but only to a limit.
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    OFFICIAL: Hard Launch Update Notes

    Thanks for clarifying. Unfortunately we're unable to provide support of any kind for versions of the game installed from unofficial/unknown locations (aka not via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store). Please download the game from an official app store.
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    Resolved Device Support

    Correct. The Nexus 4 is not actually supported from a technical point of view. Unfortunately, there's over 15,000 different types of Android devices (crazy, huh?) that support the Google Play store and so sometimes they slip through the cracks when we're filtering out older phones (which has a...
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    Resolved OFFICIAL - How to submit a bug

    So you’ve found a bug! Great! (Or not so great!) It’s very, very helpful for you to report it here so we can try and make the best game possible. Here’s a few guidelines and tips for reporting bugs and issues. Search First, Post Second - As the game grows, bugs will likely get reported by...
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    OFFICIAL: Hard Launch Update Notes

    Can you confirm where you downloaded the soft launch .apk from? As for assists, you may have encountered a bug (potentially a tag in bug) as we do not currently have assist mechanics in the game. That said, many of the special moves and blockbusters involve NPCs as well.
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    Official Forum Issues Thread

    Hey all, I've started a forum use FAQ here. Please let me know if you think there's other things to add as it's an evolving process. :) http://forum.skullgirlsmobile.com/forums/new-player-guides-faqs.3/
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    OFFICIAL: Forum FAQ! - How to use the forums 1.0

    Know How to Post First and foremost, make sure you read the forum rules! (GO NOW!) How do I style my post or add media? To style your post or add media like a video or image, use the toolbar at the top of the edit box when posting. You can also learn the ways of BB code in the Help section. (GO...
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    Official Forum Issues Thread

    Try the Messaging Preferences under your Contact Details
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    Official Forum Issues Thread

    The Twitter login should be working correctly now.
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    Future Storylines [Potential Spoilers]

    or use the [+] in the text editor. :D
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    Official Forum Issues Thread

    Thanks all, we are working on the Twitter issue and other login types.