• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Fami

    "HARLEQUIN" - Strategy and Discussion

    Will the SAs of two harlequins stack up for cooldown and damage %?
  2. Fami

    "PRIVATE DICK" - Strategy and Discussion

    Would you guys rather max out private dick or evolve RE Big band? Still farming for epic sax.
  3. Fami

    Which GOLD character did you get from the outage?

    GOLD: Prime Parasoul Immoral Fiber Double (2x) SILVER: Resonant Evil Big Band No Egrets Parasoul Bloody Valentine Eliza Bad Ms Frosty Filia Doublicious Double Big Top Carabella
  4. Fami

    Post your Newly Reset Account

    I know there are better. But this will do. Thanks devs!
  5. Fami

    URGENT: Emergency Maintenance Update

    On point ain't it?!
  6. Fami

    URGENT: Emergency Maintenance Update

    These things happen whether we like it or not. I just feel kinda sorry to all users who spend a fortune in buying in-game currency especially moisterrific (great videos btw). Same thing happened to me in other games. Money, time and money and money down the drain. It is a risk we have to take to...
  7. Fami

    URGENT: Emergency Maintenance Update

    A free random gold relic to all users affected. watcha think?