• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Nefelibata


    the only thing that can save you is a death wish.
  2. Nefelibata

    Unholy Host Balance Adjustments

    just ask in chat whenever u feel like stuck or find something hard to counter. No one is born proffesional. Whenever I feel like losing most terrible way over and over I ask chat for tips.
  3. Nefelibata

    Fights Losing my streak in prize fights

    IDK about the network but I recommend using low graphic settings so one does not face an fps drop mid-battle sometimes it ruins the game if ur device is slow.
  4. Nefelibata

    Unholy Host Balance Adjustments

    not guaranteed otherwise private dick would be best unholy counter in game
  5. Nefelibata

    Fights Losing my streak in prize fights

    It happens when you disconnect from a match due to a poor network.
  6. Nefelibata

    Unholy Host Balance Adjustments

    She needs 7 hit combo count for it. Best pull her out using Outtake and kill her with a low hit count like Beo or Robo laser. Precision and Hex also work on denying her SA. She is not unavoidable.
  7. Nefelibata

    Only bronze

    It is rng happened to me too. I just stopped opening relics much grinding for dupes in pf reward and evolving fighters to diamond. The majority of diamonds or Golds I get are from guaranteed relics or monthly. Just grind the guaranteed relics and save theonite for hyper packs.
  8. Nefelibata

    Unholy Host Balance Adjustments

    Finally, Devs did it. I literally have suffered her in rifts (especially air week boss node). Her Nerf is not so terrible (She is now Purrfect Dark but better). Hex was ridiculous on her coz it was unavoidable, the only solution was a debuff cleanse which only 2 fighters had Model and Rose. The...
  9. Nefelibata

    Fights new game mode (endless war)

    If Devs introduce random modifiers in this mode it would be something if it ever came to be
  10. Nefelibata

    Fights new game mode (endless war)

    Hmm sounds interesting now, But it still is funny if one pairs up Death Wish in the back. Many once-per-match ability fighters would be not good but considering tower mode is common in many games we might get it
  11. Nefelibata

    Characters double active and inactive transmutation button

    I only want double to follow a cycle of elements. Complete rng makes Double a bit unreliable in rifts. If one looks at the best Doubles they are mostly the ones that don't depend on Transmutation much or their sa does not need specific elements. Chaos is insane but mostly not used coz of rng of...
  12. Nefelibata

    Fights new game mode (endless war)

    seems like pf streaks but faster or I missed ur idea. Flytrap and Purrminator would literally break this game mode if it ever came to be
  13. Nefelibata


    This RoadMap is just lit🔥🔥
  14. Nefelibata

    Unholy Host rebalance.

    That's a gamble in rifts and not reliable. With resistance that furthermore reduces the chances. both ways UHost would die and be completely lost to what she is right now stands as. Better if her hex and curse become longer duration but once per match thing or her hex and curse become for the...
  15. Nefelibata

    Characters Double prestige and/or transmute fix

    IMHO, she only needs to follow a cycle of elements rather than transmutating into a random element and keep on going to and fro in some elements coz she doesn't have many tools for helping in transmutation. One throw only coz AI breaks two throws in succession and Catelite BBuster helps in...
  16. Nefelibata

    Unholy Host rebalance.

    Well, drain on rifts are broken yes furthermore there is a reason why dptb and Frost armor rule rift defense coz they reduce the HP bonus and can result in opponents' defeat through reflect dmg. The same goes for the UHost drain. She is just too much in one variant like decent hex and curse for...
  17. Nefelibata

    Spring Cleaning (April Prize Fight)

    Now it's near being finished, I enjoyed it it was fun grinding this PF coz literally it countered all buffs and defense like all the fighters have in-build Silent Kill in them. I got Shuppet and Stand Out from legendary and monthly Dia relics.
  18. Nefelibata

    "WINDSWEPT" - Strategy and Discussion

    Leech is definitely better for her as she is not a Bleeder but has access to enrage so with Crt Dmg and ATk% build you can deal sufficient dmg
  19. Nefelibata


    At least she is better than what she used to be. Blocking hits eats up her evasion (It's a bug ig) stacking evasion is quite hard against multi-hit fighters. She definitely got great utility and power now. But she is purely offensive, unlike UHost so no worries about her eating rift score.
  20. Nefelibata

    disbalanced character

    Removing hex from her would kill UHost nerfing should be making her less powerful and meta-dominant. Extending her hex timer but making it once per match thing could help or reworking her sa2 coz in Rifts offense side can get constant debuffs through catalyst which is unfair.