• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Syyanide

    SG Custom Fighters

    BTD6 Palettes! (Colors taken directly from in game art)
  2. Syyanide

    SG Custom Fighters

    Lord forgive me for making these. (Minecraft Steve) SA: Spelunking #1: 10% Chance on hit to gain 1 Stack of Barrier or Blessing. #2: When activating a Blockbuster, remove all buffs from Beowulf. The Blockbuster does 25% Bonus Damage for each Buff Removed. (Fortnite Jonesy Skin) SA: Victory...
  3. Syyanide

    Bug - Normal Rift History Fight UI Bug

    Tapping an enemy fighter when reviewing your fights in rift history brings up an empty profile
  4. Syyanide

    SG Custom Fighters

    Also a bonus: Marx from Kirby SA: Galactic Nova Peacock's Projectiles do 10/20/30% more damage to airborne opponents. Gain enrage and armor for 10 seconds for every 20/15/10% health lost.
  5. Syyanide

    SG Custom Fighters

    Some old concepts I made based on Slay the Spire, just found these again: SA: Burning Blood #1: When an enemy is defeated, heal Annie and all teammates for 10/20/30%. #2: When an enemy tags in, inflict armor break for 15/20/25 seconds. All teammates do 20/30/40% more damage to opponents...
  6. Syyanide

    show off your shiny collection!

    I have no idea how people actually manage to pull good shinies…
  7. Syyanide

    Diamonds are a skullgirl's best friend.

    Finally I have a full page (so close to being all 6 of each too…)
  8. Syyanide

    SG Custom Fighters

    Made a couple cards based on my 2nd favorite game (ror2) SA1: Headrone Hits have a 33% chance to Inflict Stun for 1/1.5/2 seconds. SA2: Gain Armor for 6/8/10 seconds and Inflict Immobile for 3/4/5 seconds when hitting a stunned opponent. SA1: Gain 1 stack of Barrier for every 8/6/4 combo...