• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Z

    What does everyone think of rift battle changes?

    I agree comeplety. It feels wrong to use my best fighters on two differnt nodes but I know it's the best way to win. At least there isn't paid refreshed anymore
  2. Z

    OFFICIAL: Skullgirls Mobile Community Tier List! (2.7.2 UPDATE)

    I still feel like that's all folks suffers from. The same problem she did pre 3.1 that she requires to be hit to proc her sa. As such it is simply to risky in high prize fights (what the tier list is based off of) to proc her sa as one combo can kill you alone
  3. Z

    OFFICIAL: 3.1 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    I like that you can no longer refresh as rift wins should be about skill and roster not theonite to spend. However there is less incentive to try hard fights as a loss is minus 500 points whereas I can re use a strong fighter and only lose 250 points. This makes a wierd dynamic that priotizes...
  4. Z

    SG Custom Fighters

    Love the varient idea! I like how you can sort of keep the buff and debuff train moving by the way her SAs proc eachother
  5. Z

    "WULFSBANE" - Strategy and Discussion

    which of beos bb3s is best for wulfsbane?
  6. Z

    A Big Band Tier List

    Which node would be best for heavy metal? Sorry that was unclear
  7. Z

    A Big Band Tier List

    What do you think would the best node to put hm in rift?
  8. Z

    The current situation with Moves

    I like the moves system as it makes finding a move with the perfect stats really satisfying. And there's still chances to get specific moves in the cabinet esp with rift coins
  9. Z

    Other Better odds for more expensive relics

    Or maybe just a decrease in the cost of elemental and charchter relics in comparison? Like 150 for charchter and 200 or 250 for elementals? Idk
  10. Z

    An idea for buffing That's All Folks!

    I quite like the idea of limiting both teams crits but it does feel very situational for a whole varient. I like all of your three sa 1 ideas. I guess the question becomes whether she's a defence or of fence varient. Personally I quite like your sa1 #3 idea.
  11. Z

    Rift battle general discussion

    Good point. I think the fs should be shown and maybe even the fs of each individual fighter, just not the varient
  12. Z

    The Night of The Ghoul...

    Awesome tier list as always :) thanks
  13. Z

    Rift battle general discussion

    What would people think of a mini boss node that boosted hp and atk by 100% but instead of modifies the defensive fighters were hidden from the attacker. This would be like in story missions where you get random defenders but instead they arent random but rather pre assigned just hidden from the...
  14. Z

    New rework discussion thread

    Exactly which is super risky for high streak pfs. For the same reasons I'd like to see that's all folks peacock re worked.
  15. Z

    Fortune Ideas?

    Anyone have tips on pulling of headless combos?
  16. Z

    New rework discussion thread

    Huh I never knew
  17. Z

    New rework discussion thread

    It also looks like he has some ability to disable opponent defensive SAS which could make him very strongy
  18. Z


    I hope it's sooner then March but I guess we'll see :o
  19. Z

    New rework discussion thread

    I like the change as his sa2 rarely proceed for me and seemed wierdly unrelated to his sa1. I might invest in mine when the update rolls out